The Story of The Who - 1968



Accompanied by The Small Faces, The Who tour Australia and New Zealand. After a run-in with officialdom Pete vows never to return.


The Who undertake their first headlining US tour.

May 20

Pete marries long time girlfriend Karen Astley, daughter of classical arranger Edwin ‘Ted’ Astley.

June 14

’Dogs’ is released and becomes the Who’s first serious flop on the singles chart. Their chart aspirations – and their finances – reach a low ebb. Only their growing reputation as a live band in America keeps them afloat financially, and under a constant ‘play live or die’ threat they become a top live attraction.


Back to the US for another headlining tour, during which Pete talks about his deaf, dumb and blind boy concept for the first time.

August 2

The Who play at the New York Singer Bowl with The Doors.


In the US, MCA release Magic Bus, The Who On Tour, a poorly conceived compilation album which becomes their first US Top 40 LP chart entry, reaching number 39.


The Who begin recording Tommy at IBC Studios in London.

November 20

At Liverpool’s Empire Theatre, at the conclusion of a short UK package tour, Keith and Small Faces drummer Kenney Jones play together on ‘Magic Bus’, The Who’s encore.