The Story of The Who - 1967

29 January

The Who perform two shows before London’s rock cognoscenti at London’s Savile Theatre. Support act is the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

25 March

The Who make their US début at Murray The K’s shows at the Brooklyn Fox Theatre, playing for ten consecutive days. ‘Happy Jack’ becomes their first US chart single, reaching number 24.

21 April

‘Pictures Of Lily’ is released on Lambert and Stamp’s newly formed Track Records label. It reaches number four.


Scandinavian tour.

June 18

The Who’s US concert schedule includes a definitive – and timely – performance at the Monterey Festival in California. On the return flight home Pete experiences a deeply unpleasant drug trip – and vows never to touch psychedelics again. Soon afterwards Pete becomes attracted by the teachings of Meher Baba, an Indian Perfect Spiritual Master, which will profoundly influence his life and writing.

23 June

John marries childhood sweetheart Alison Wise.


The Who support Herman’s Hermits on The Who’s first lengthy US tour.

23 August

Keith’s 21st birthday celebrations end in chaos at the Holiday Inn, Flint, Michigan.

18 September

‘I Can See For Miles’ released in the US. It reaches number nine – the Who’s highest single chart placing In America – and 10 in the UK, a big disappointment for Pete. “To me that was the ultimate Who record yet it didn’t sell,” said Pete at the time. “I spat on the British record buyer.”


UK tour followed by brief US visit. The Who Sell Out, their third LP, released. It reaches number 13 in the UK LP charts. It fails to chart in the US.