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Brian Kehew's Backstage Blog

The Who Hits Back! Tour: The Royal Sandringham Estate, Monday 28 August 2023

Well, this is an unusual one – in so many ways . . . We “finished” our Summer 2023 tours a while ago – maybe a month? And all of us went home or to other tours or whatever. Now […]

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The Who Hits Back! Tour: The Eden Project, Tuesday 25 July 2023

Ah here we go, tying it all up with a final show, for now. Our hardy team of hard workers and fine players ought to be having a reunion in exactly one month. Today is not only the end of […]

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The Who Hits Back! Tour: Brighton, Sunday 23 July 2023

This is a big one: The Who in Brighton. “Here by the sea and sand” – Yes, this is core territory for the Quadrophenia story. Beyond that, it’s a fantastic place to visit, we’ve always had great times here. It’s […]

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The Who Hits Back! Tour: St. Helens, Friday 21 July 2023

And yet another bus ride: A journey through the countryside from wherever we were (Ed: Durham, Brian) to St. Helens. We hear the charming Scouse-like accents all around us, and it definitely feels like The North: St. Helens is Liverpool-adjacent, […]

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The Who Hits Back! Tour: Durham, Wednesday 19 July 2023

We had a fairly long crew-bus ride to the next stop. From Bristol to Durham in the rain. five or six hours so not bad, with stops and all. Durham is not a common name in Who stories, but it’s […]

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The Who Hits Back! Tour: Badminton Estate, Sunday 16 July 2023

What a day. We just finished a 16-17 hour day to get through this one. Yeah, it’s always worth it, but certainly something we hope not to repeat anytime soon! We are staying in the town of Bristol, absolutely one […]

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