The Story of The Who - 1966


January 5

Pete admits drug use on the BBC TV show A Whole Scene Going.


The Who are seen on US TV in a pre-recorded segment from London playing ‘I Can’t Explain’ and ‘My Generation’, on the last edition of Shindig!

March 4

The first of three versions of ‘Substitute’ is released. The song eventually reaches number five in the charts but Shel Talmy and The Who end up fighting in court over Talmy’s right to produce the group. Although ousted as the band’s producer, Talmy is awarded a substantial royalty on The Who’s recordings for the next five years, a crucial factor in the way The Who’s career will develop since in order to sustain themselves they must play live virtually all the time. Practice makes them perfect.

March 19

Keith marries model Kim Kerrigan.


UK concert tour.

May 1

The Who appear at the NME Poll Winners Concert which is televised.


Irish tour followed by Scandinavian tour.

August 28

‘I’m A Boy’, produced by Kit Lambert, released on Reaction. It reaches number two.


Third Scandinavian tour.

November 11

Ready Steady Who EP released.

December 9

A Quick One, The Who’s second album, is released, reaching number four in the UK LP charts. It contains songs by all four members of the group and features Pete’s first ‘mini-opera’. ‘Happy Jack’ reaches number three in the UK charts.