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Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey at the Riverside Studios, London, on Tuesday for the launch of The Tommy Super Deluxe Box Set and the premiere of ‘Sensation – The Story of The Who’s Tommy’


Tommy Can You Hear Me?

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey turned up in person to talk about the new Tommy box set and watch the premiere of The Story of the Who’s Tommy on Tuesday night at the Riverside Studios in London. Talking of whom, have a listen to them on the night on Planet Rock.

The Story of The Who’s Tommy

The fascinating  documentary was screened in the UK on Friday the 25th on BBC4, if you missed it you can catch up at The documentary will  premiere in the US on BBC America on November 9th  and will be going global over the next few weeks. Check out your local press for details.

Create a video for I’m Free

Fancy directing a Who video and winning $10,000 on top? We’re looking for ideas for I’m Free so get your creative juices flowing and click HERE for full details.

Tommy The Movie coming on Blu Ray

More Tommy than you can shake a stick at this week! Tommy the movie is now coming on BluRay for the first time on 28th. UK fans can order HERE.

2 thoughts on “‘Tommy’ News Update”

  1. stepee says:

    Looking happy together and having fun, very good.

  2. alan forrest says:

    im 46yrglaswegian lives in rotorua new zealand n i wis looking at some old schoolphotie recently n 1 of favs wis me ,12yr olds wie target who badge on i luv n so big part of life ,quadi,next,aw the scoops,n chinese eyes etc etc,but…. never totally got intae tommy though!! strange tae as named my son tommy…

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