R.I.P. Lou Reed





Pete Townshend of The Who and Lou Reed




Take a walk on the peaceful side.






















10 thoughts on “R.I.P. Lou Reed”

  1. Sixie says:

    So Wonderful Lou and Pete hooked up. Lou was an ICON and really practdated a generation. The 1960’s would have never been the same without Lou and Andy Warhol. T6

  2. gina b says:

    lovely, peaceful image here. touching.

  3. I had the privilege of seeing Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell and Pete Townshend at A Day in the Garden at the Woodstock venue. I was near the stage all day. Lou Reed sang a song about egg creams. Someone kept on screaming ‘play The Magic Bus … even after Pete played it. My first Who concert was ca. 75 or 76 at MSG a concert delayed one day due to KM. The Who played Naked Eye as an encore. I caught 3 Quad concerts in the NY area … sang along throughout. I also devoured Who I Am … would love to learn what went into that magic tea Pete was given. Thanks to Pete and Roger for a lifetime of inspiration. Sincerely, ckk, NY, NY,

  4. Philip says:

    One of my earliest albums was Lou Reeds “New Sensations”, I was in my teens and it blew me away. RIP.

  5. lynda grace says:

    godspeed Lou.
    great capture of Pete and Lou.

  6. luile says:

    Two giants ! Great pic !

  7. Jerrey says:

    He will be missed:)You know in Rock and Roll Heaven they have a heck of a band and they have just added an new member:)

  8. Glenn O'Nan says:

    Bless him,
    I was a very lucky young man to see Transformer live at the Kiel Opera House in St.Louis when I was sixteen what a great performance by Lou Reed. Changed me.


  9. DANO says:

    I used to see Lou on the streets of New York City,Lou walked the streets as we all did,no body guards ect.Lou Reed was a New Yorker.No special treatment your average Joe,But on stage LOU REED was a singer,guitar player,POET,His words captured a generations angst,love,spirit,emotions,ARTIST…I was not fortunate to see LOU REED perform LIVE but I lisioned to the artists he inspired with his three chord stories set to music.And through his inspirations I hear LOU everywhere.GODS gift to New York City a man who turned those three chords into Anthems..I learned to take a walk on the wild side,I became a deciple of New Yorks Underground and Velvet LOU was always there..LOU you will be missed but you live on via all the bands/ singer songwriters you inspired I know this is true because I am one of the countless you touched and inspired.GOD BLESS.DANO

  10. To The Who: I was a close friend of Gordon Brown understand that Gordon was a former member of The Who, and founder of the band. Gord cut off his thumb, and hurt his fingers, so that he had to quit the band. Gord and I partied together, and fought with each other for 25 years. We adopted each other so we are brothers. Gordon Brown passed away on 13 FEB 2012. He fell down some stairs, and broke his neck. He told me well, in advance that he was going to die. He and I are both very happy to to die, because death is just another day. We had many amazing adventures together. I was a driver for lady Escorts, and Gord was an auto body repair man. Would like to hear from you. LUV, Mikey

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