The Who’s Moving On! U.S. Tour Update

The April and May stops on The Who’s Moving On! Tour are proactively being rescheduled to the fall/autumn out of an abundance of caution. As soon as we have the dates finalized we’ll share the updated schedule, and all tickets will be honoured accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

Both Pete and Roger – and the rest of The Who band – cannot wait to get out there and be with you all and share in some great music. Long live rock

96 thoughts on “The Who’s Moving On! U.S. Tour Update”

  1. Starr says:

    I came down here to florida to get a tan in preparation for the Hard Rock show! We will all enjoy the thrill even more so once we are able to WHO congregate after all this isolation! Thanks guys! Cant wait to see you again and stay well!

  2. Brian Clark says:

    Pls notify when WHO tickets are available again for the Kentucky show.

  3. robert lonschein says:

    i will need a refund as I will not be able to attend in the fall.

  4. Mike says:

    When you re-schedule, how about sneaking in a show in Salt Lake City, Utah? Please???

  5. Michael James Campbell says:

    I bought tickets to the Las Vegas Tour dates. It shows the date is canceled as opposed to postponed. Please advise.


    Refunds should be offered asap! We should not be made to wait.

    1. The Who says:

      Robert, Ticketmaster are offering refunds.

  7. Kevin Kennedy says:

    Thanks for the update.Looking for forward to seeing y’all in Dallas, when things are safe to Move Out ,And Move On.

  8. Allan says:

    I live in Hawaii. A rescheduled concert Las Vegas won’t work. You are going to arrange refunds, correct?

    1. The Who says:

      Allan, Ticketmaster are offering refunds for the Vegas shows.

  9. John Graham says:

    Take care and rock on fellas!

  10. Tony says:

    Waiting for the next dates.

  11. Vince Noone says:

    bring it on guy’s, stay safe

  12. Joel Swift says:

    Ticketmaster cancelled the Vegas show. The fine print says will be refunded. Which is, cancelled or rescheduled?

  13. Dale Tiffany says:

    PLEASE come to North Carolina??????

  14. Phil Pancet says:

    Will you be coming back to Toronto?

  15. Tim T says:

    Add a stop in NC

  16. Sara says:

    I smell a fall road trip!!!!

  17. Dale Aronow says:

    Saw them in Philly 1971. Who’s Next still best album EVER!
    Good to see still rockin.

  18. Kevin Pelletier says:

    Be safe and smart everyone. See you in Hollywood, Fl in the fall Rog n Pete. Long Live Rock✌

  19. james Rathmann says:

    For the May concert in Las Vegas. If we cannot be in Las Vegas when the concert is rescheduled can we be issued a refund for our tickets?

    1. The Who says:

      Hi James, check with whoever you bought your tickets from. Ticketmaster will be offering refunds.

  20. William Strickland says:

    Under the current circumstances I am relieved that The Who concert scheduled for Dallas, Texas, next month has been postponed. Naturally I am disappointed to have to wait to see the world’s greatest Rock & Roll band, but the safety of fans and particularly the band and their stage crew is paramount. Long Live Rock…see you down the road, guys!

  21. Scott Snyder says:

    No worries, I can wait as long as it takes to see the Who!!!!

  22. Please let me know when the Hollywood, FL Hard Rock show will occur.
    Thank you.

  23. Steve schwalbach says:

    Updates on Cincinnati show. Be safe be healthy

  24. AD-San Francisco says:

    Thank for you all that you have done, and continue doing, as great artists of our times.

  25. Eduardo Cury says:

    We have tickets for the Hollywood,
    FL concert and where travelling from Brazil too this event. We can’t cannot be sure to reschedule to autum. Will refund be offered?

    1. The Who says:

      Hi Eduardo, check with whoever you bought the tickets from. If it was Ticketmaster they will be offering refunds.

  26. Steve Trelin says:

    Stay safe Roger, Pete Zak, Simon and the rest of the band. See you in the fall in Hollywood Florida. Wholigan for life.

  27. Michael Olivas says:

    Pete and Roger–please add a date in NM when you re-jigger the tour schedule. I have seen you 7 times since the Tommy tour in Columbus, OH, when I ushered at Veterans’ Memorial venue in 1970 or 71. Now that I’m 69, I promise to see you wherever I can do so.

  28. Katie Schwartz says:

    I am looking for info for the May 2 Denver show, to be rescheduled I assume. It doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere

    1. The Who says:

      Katie, Live Nation are rescheduling the postponed shows and we will be announcing them on this website as soon as they are fixed.

  29. Suzie says:

    A wee bit disappointed….but so glad I have tix for your return to the Cincinnati area. Had to wait quite a while to see you in Louisville 4 years ago. WELL WORTH THE WAIT!
    Stay healthy and safe Lads. Long live rock!

  30. Donna Nordstrom says:

    I’ve been waiting my whole life to see the Who. So excited to see you in the fall in Cinncinati/Kentucky!!

  31. Brian Rowe says:

    Nancy and I will look forward to hearing the band again this fall in Denver and closer to home in Highland Heights, Kentucky.
    Been biding my time listening to the Quadrophenia film soundtrack today. Outstanding sound!

  32. Sabrina says:

    My friend and I are heartbroken that the Vegas concerts were canceled rather than rescheduled. The concert was our main reason for going to Vegas. Everything else that Vegas offers was just a bonus. Now we have to see if we can get tickets to one of your other concerts to, hopefully; a city we want to visit. We live in the Cincinnati area, but tickets for that show are averaging around $300 a piece.

  33. Doctor Gonzo says:

    Hello — I am holding tickets for one of the Vegas shows. The Ticketmaster website lists the six NON-Vegas shows as “Postponed” and the six Vegas shows as “Cancelled.” Does this mean that The Who were unable to reschedule the Vegas shows? — Thanks.

    1. The Who says:

      Yes, that’s correct.

  34. Matt says:

    I had tickets to two of the Vegas shows. It’s really a shame that these shows aren’t going to happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Take care Who members.

  35. Linda Brittain says:

    We have tickets for May 2nd at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. I guess we just hold onto them to see if a new date will be announced for later this year? Stay safe all ☮️

    1. The Who says:

      Hi Linda, Live Nation are rescheduling the postponed dates to later this year. We’ll be announcing these new dates shortly. Your tickets will be honoured for these new dates so hang on to them.

  36. Dee says:

    Ticketmaster doesn’t have a status listed for your April 21 show at Hardrock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL. Any info on postponment vs. cancellation that you can share would be helpful. (Can’t get through to TM.)

    1. The Who says:

      Hi Dee, we are currently working with Live Nation and Ticketmaster for rescheduled shows, working around sports fixtures and play offs etc. We will be posting information on the home page as soon as dates are agreed upon. Please bear with us.

  37. Phil says:

    With all this free time on their hands we may be in for a second new album from the greatest band to grace a stage. Let’s hope.

  38. Pam Wayt says:

    We understand why show cannot happen 5/2 Denver, but we feel we should be entitled to a refund. What if new dates aren’t good for fan’s schedule. Why tie up our money in the middle of a pandemic?

  39. Paul Lesinski says:

    Rats, so no chance for a Vegas re-schedule? I was bringing my 13 year old son. We saw you in Seattle but wanted an encore! So… to confirm, Vegas will not happen as a reschedule? Thx!

    1. The Who says:

      Hi Paul, the Vegas shows are definitely cancelled for this year but we may try and do some shows in 2021. Currently many bands and acts are looking to do shows in 2021 so there will be a plethora of good live music happening once the pandemic is over. Please bear with us.

  40. Stephen Schuetz says:

    No one is offering refunds. Please stop saying that. They are hiding behind the — it’s not cancelled, just postponed — nonsense to keep our money. Shameful.

    1. The Who says:

      Hi Stephen, we are currently trying to nail down dates for all our postponed shows and fitting them in between sports fixtures and play offs. We are also talking with Ticketmaster regarding refunds etc so please bear with us.

  41. Lisa Mary Brooks says:

    I bought 2 tickets for the Sept 2019 concert in Houston, Texas. Roger’s voice went out and show was postponed for April 30th 2020. COVID 19 has shut down The United States and I would like my money back now please as I could use it now lost around 400.00 total..never going to do that again. My husband and I tested positive for COVID 19 and don’t want to be in large crowds anymore. Please may I have my money back. I could use it as my husband had to take a pay cut today thank God they didn’t fire him today but…could use my money back please.

    1. The Who says:

      Hi Lisa, you need to get in touch with Ticketmaster or whoever you bought your tickets from. You should be able to get a refund in your tickets.

  42. Kevin ATX says:

    YEAAAAAHHH!!! Last year’s mid-show postponement in Houston happened on my birthday, so maybe I’ll get lucky and get to see them again in September for my birthday. Fingers crossed that’s when you guys reschedule for Houston, Texas.

  43. Nar says:

    Man, I wanna see The WHO again so bad, I think I’ll file refund due the uncertainty we are living this year, yet if dates come out good I’ll show up!

  44. Brian says:

    First the Ragweed 19..Now the COVID-19…
    Houston Awaits with Open Hearts our now second rescheduled tour date…
    Bought the seats a whole year ago already..
    It will well worth the wait everybody…
    our first Eight Songs last September were Magical!!!
    Stay Safe Planet Earth….

  45. Marty says:

    Rock The WHO are rock at its greatest!!! Long live it. I hope to see you guys in the fall last time it was in Atlantic City in 2015 or ’16. Stay well guys and long live WHO!!

  46. Lisa B says:

    So, I live in Cincinnati, OH… Was really looking forward to the April Northern Kentucky concert! Things were great in my life when I purchased my tickets, but, now, as so many other’s lives, have been turned upside down and, as much as I would love to see the concert, I wish they would just cancel. I, as well as many others in the USA could really use the money. Thank you

    1. The Who says:

      Hi Lisa, if you bought your tickets from Tickemaster you should be able to get a refund.

  47. Scot Webster says:

    Hello fellows. I have tickets for the Apr. 27 th show in Dallas. Any word on a reschedule. First time for me to see you guys live. Can wait, kind of like Little Jenny in Tommy on the edge of her seat 🖖

    1. The Who says:

      Hi Scot, Live Nation are currently working on rescheduling the postponed shows for later this year. We will be posting on this website the new dates as soon as they are agreed upon. Hang in there because it will be worth the wait to see The Who!

  48. Lisa B says:

    So far, from what I’ve read on Ticketmaster, they don’t issue refunds for rescheduled shows, unless the artist is offering them because of the show needing to be rescheduled. Ticketmaster just shows rescheduled with new date to be determined. So, it doesn’t look like I can get a refund from them at this point 🙁

  49. Lisa B says:

    Ticketmaster says they only offer refunds on postponed shows if the event organizers are offering that as an option. So far, they are not publicizing that a refund is an option. Thank you and take care 🙂

  50. Ron Kogan says:

    Thanks for the updates, we totally understand how frustrating this must be for you guys. Well now that the Vegas shows are cancelled maybe you could add Phoenix or Tucson in it’s place! We haven’t seen you in a while. Long live Rock!

  51. Jim Harsnett says:

    I just saw a picture of a Moving On tour face mask how do I get one?

    1. The Who says:

      No idea. Sounds like some poor taste bootleg merchandise, Jim.

  52. Fred Briggs says:

    I bought tickets for the Dallas show last September and after two postponements looks like it will be a full year waiting to see the show (hopefully). Well, I have waited 50 years to see them so I guess I can wait another year. 🙂
    Hope it’s a good one!

  53. Lisa Billings says:

    I was so looking forward to seeing The Who April 27,2020 I’ve had my tickets over a year now. This is the second cancelation. Hey 3rd times a charm! 💖 Waiting patiently for a new date. Keep on rocking!

  54. Scot Webster says:

    Lisa Billings, I have tickets for the same show, first row in front of the sound board on the floor. Can’t wait 😊

  55. Becky Toney says:

    I had tickets to The Who show at NKU on April 23 . I wish that The Who would just cancel the show so I can receive a refund. I have since been laid off from my job and could really use this money. I think this would be a great disappointment from the band and Ticketmaster. Us Cincinnati people need our money back don’t disappoint with this postponed and hold onto our money we could really use right now. It’s not going to be safe to go even in the fall to a large event this virus isn’t going to be under control until there is a vaccine.

  56. Lisa says:

    Why were the Las Vegas shows canceled instead of postponed? I got excellent seats so was hoping for it to be postponed so that my seats would be honored.

    1. The Who says:

      It was down to unavailability of suitable dates, Lisa.

  57. Josephine Martinez says:

    Everyone’s health and safety is what’s most important yes but I sure do hope you really make it to Denver, Colorado. I’m still holding on to my ticket from the show y’all had to cancel and reschedule back in September 29th, 2019, and now do you Covid-19 the May 2nd, 2020 show has gotten rescheduled for who knows when. Y’all stay safe stay healthy and God bless!

  58. Keith says:

    Since The Hardrock show is postponed and not cancelled I cant get a refund.

  59. Catherine Macaluso says:

    Dear Seamen,

    Why don’t you stream a few numbers from your boat???? Jimmy would love it! So would we.

    I listened to each and every track off of your new release….errr, ALBUM. Nice stuff. Ball and Chain rocks. Enjoyed Beads on a String too. Keep writing…maybe something about this monster pandemic? There are probably no words to describe one’s feelings. Only an instrumental might do.

    You two are a real treasure, so stay well and behave yourselves. Your wellness is #1. I know how much you always despised cancelling performances. Your fans are well aware too. The London fog will clear.

    Love, Catherine

  60. 1921 says:

    Will The Who play another new songs except Ground Zero and Ball and Chain for the next shows?

  61. David Schwier says:

    Anxiously awaiting the rescheduled dates for the Cincinnati show. Been waiting many years for this show.

  62. Titus Hicks says:

    I have seen them every tour since I first saw them in August of 1976 with Keith at the Capital Centre outside Washington DC. I was at the Dec 3, 1979 show at River Front Colosseum. I will never forget that night. I still have my ticket stub and will do whatever it takes to be at the rescheduled show in Kentucky. Rock on mates. Stay safe, keep your family and loved ones safe and take no chances. All the best.

  63. allen says:

    Really disappointed in The WHO, Ticketmaster and BB&T Bank Arena in Northern, Kentucky……….they waited until 3 weeks before the planned April 23rd concert to “postpone it” when literally, every other venue/concert in a 3-state region had postponed concerts/events 4 weeks prior to early April–with a new date for the re-schedule or, a refund.

    It seems like this event is not getting a new date because, you all are afraid of refunds that will be requested. C’mon—take care of your fans/customers and get the new date announced now and options for refunds/new tickets!!

  64. Brian S says:

    Gimme a date for BB&T in Kentucky. Waited too many years, a few more month is fine. Gimme a date! Rock on….

  65. Steven Jenson says:

    I received my full refund for the Denver 2nd postponed date, was a very sad day. Also never received the copy of the new release CD as promised when ticket was purchased. Thanks for the lifetime of the greatest music on the planet ! ROCK ON

  66. Josh says:

    Come to Salt Lake City

  67. Bell boy says:

    Live Nation Ticketmaster has not begun refunds to Vegas but just know we all rather a rebooked residency in Vegas.

  68. Todd Garland says:

    Dear Pete and Roger,

    I live in northern Kentucky a few miles from where you are scheduled to play. I was a college freshman here in December 1979, and I attended the Cincinnati show that fateful night. I think we all who were there may agree it was one of the worst tragedies we’ve been witness to. It affected us all deeply, sadly.

    I felt only great respect and fondness, however, when I learned that you are coming to visit us again. It is right. It is appreciated. It is welcome.

    I, for one, will hold on to my ticket and wait ’til we meet again.

    Long live rock.

  69. Sage G says:

    So, TM is still just saying postponed for BBT in Northern Kentucky for April 23…TM isn’t giving a refund option, like they used to, for postponed shows. I have been reading that they’re are changes with TM in the works for postponed, but, still not clear about postponed without a new date. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Canceling all the USA dates and then figuring out new dates when things settle down with COVID-19 is what is best for fans who are hurting financially and could really use the money now, many of us have had our lives turned upside down and I believe in helping out your fans now, in our time of need, will keep me being a fan and others, seeing how we were taken care of during this unprecedented worldwide disaster and not feel like we are being kept in the dark and so on. Please work with TM and Live Nation to do what’s right for your millions of fans. Many of us have not gotten our stimulus checks and some don’t qualify and are really hurting. Thank you

  70. Neal Thomas says:

    Had tickets to the first show in Dallas,my birthday present, was looking forward to the April show. I will still go to the re-scheduled event, I am beginning to think that the universe is out to get me.

  71. Warren Bell says:

    Pete/Roger: My first Who concert: Oct 21, 1976 (Toronto). Yep, Keith’s last concert. I have been mesmerized with your live performances ever since.

    I was front row/center on Dec. 16/1982 (again in Toronto) – Pete, you threw your tambourine to me (still have it!). When you did that, it almost caused a riot (I barely was able to hold onto it).

    I was 3rd row center on July 5/2015 for Classic Quadrophenia at RAH. Was the most beautiful classical interpretation ever (thanks Rachel!)

    Was second row at O2 in March 2015 – when Roger walked off during the start of Magic Bus (sound issues) – his anger was palpable! 🙂

    Have seen you guys about 20 times all over the world – and look forward to 20 more!!

    I would not trade my Who concert memories for all of the money in the world!! The current show (with large orchestra) is absolutely brilliant – can’t recommend it enough to anyone that has not seen this tour.

    Can’t wait for the tour to re-start (holding tickets for Leeds show).

    Stay healthy – hope to see you both again soon!!


  72. Keith Nieberle says:

    I can not get a refund for my postponed show. I got the tickets from a third-party ☹️. I could really use the Xtra money that I invested in the tickets. I will not be able to attend any new dates since the venue is 1500 miles from my home. Why can’t you please cancel the show for all your fans in this situation.

  73. Kim says:

    Although it has been stated here that Ticketmaster will issue refunds on any postponed show, that is NOT their policy now. They are putting blame on venues not offering them. Again, it clearly states on the Ticketmaster site that they are NOT offering any refunds for postponed shows. Perhaps The Who mgt can step in for us.

  74. Bob Bidasio says:

    Thank you for your music! We will get through this together and celebrate when is safe for all of us. We will be here for you!

  75. Roger and Pete-I’ve been a rabid Who fan since 1970. Had never made it to a concert and was looking forward to finally attending the Cincinnati show tonight. I love and respect all of you for postponing under the circumstances. Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with an incurable C beast in my blood, and the fall may be out of the question for me. That’s okay, because I still have your songs in my head, and your spirit in my heart! Love and courage! Rock on!

  76. Lindsay says:

    The concert in Northern Kentucky was going to be the kick off to an awesome year, but because of all this crap going on, money is tighter than ever. I was happy paying the $300+ for each of the tickets before this virus took a dump on my finances. I was buying the tickets for the lucky few family and friends that were getting to go. However, coupled with divorce and this pandemic ruining my finances I just can’t have this money tied up for any longer. I hate to ask for a refund because I still want to be there when things get back to normal again and safe, but I just cant afford to wait this long. If anything else happened to where I couldn’t go or couldn’t afford to go then I would have sold them by now but no one is going to buy these for at least until they reschedule. If it’s postponed for a really long time then I might be able to buy them again, but I need the money ASP. I see others here that also need refunds. I just really hope someone from the Who or management sees post like this one and find a way to help us. I really have a deep respect for these guys for how they handled the tragedy in Cincinnati I hope this gets handled soon.

  77. Cg says:

    Please cancel events so TM will offer refunds. Postponed events don’t qualify for refunds. It’s not fair to tie up everyone’s money in hopes that there might be new dates issued sometime in the future. Do the honorable thing and cancel. The people that want to can order new tickets when dates are decided.

  78. It seems most fans want shows cancelled so they can have their money in their pockets. And if the fans choose so they can repurchase tickets for rescheduled shows.

  79. Tamee says:

    Please post the new date for Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky concert asap. So many of my other concerts are being rescheduled and i am hoping that they dont overlap, especially with my concerts out of town.

  80. Ross A Allen says:

    Dallas show was just cancelled, WTF, postponed twice and now canceled?

  81. bill says:


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