We’re really excited to tell you that in the next couple of days we shall be launching The Who’s Backstage Blog, a live blog within – The Who’s official web site – where our behind-the-scenes blogger Brian Kehew will be posting news and ‘views from a backstage pass’. Brian is part of The Who Hits 50! road crew and is the band’s keyboard technician and will be posting about all the activities that go into producing each fabulous night of the tour.


Brian first met The Who’s longtime guitar tech Alan Rogan in Los Angeles and, at Alan’s request, he then worked with Pete Townshend on some of his solo shows in 2000. When the 2002 Who tour started, Brian began fulltime work as their keyboard technician. For the next 14 years, Brian worked nearly all The Who’s shows and in 2006/7 he filled in for John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick, playing keyboards on the American tour dates.


Backstage Blog will be accessed via the Tour menu on home page.




1 thought on “THE WHO’S BACKSTAGE BLOG!”

  1. David says:

    Brilliant news! Looking forward to this.

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