The Who at the Barclays Center – Another Great Show

“Not only did the legendary band tackle one of the most rigorous and muscular works of its career, it did so standing before a video backdrop that sometimes pictured the performers in the furious glory of their youth.”


– Jim Farber, New York Daily News



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	The Who's Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend perform at the Barclays Center on Wednesday night.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Joe Marino for New York Daily News




Joe Marino for New York Daily News


Read the full review here:


“…..the ironic highlights of the show came from the deceased band members, thanks to beautifully integrated video footage of John Entwistle delivering a mind-blowing bass solo on “5:15” and Keith Moon raucously singing the lead vocal on “Bell Boy.” The response from the crowd was rapturous.” – Frank Scheck, in the Hollywood Reporter. Read his full review by clicking HERE.


“Some fans surely groaned when they learned the Who were trying it (Quadrophenia) yet again on their 2012 tour, but after nearly 40 years, the band finally got it right.  Screens did show archival video of mods and rockers battling on Brighton Beach in 1964, but mostly the images were completely disconnected from the story of Quadrophenia. They were largely focused on global struggles over the past half-century, from World War II through the Occupy Wall Street movement. Jimmy’s inner turmoil suddenly became the world’s.” – Andy Greene, Rolling Stone



Review of the show at the Verizon Center, Washington, DC on November 13:


A few tickets for the tour remaining and available HERE.





3 thoughts on “The Who at the Barclays Center – Another Great Show”

  1. Jessica B.D says:

    Thank you boys for coming out to play in DC! We bought tickets to celebrate my husband’s birthday – The Who and Pete’s solo work are favorites. Listening to you and watching footage throughout the concert reminded me of how excited my Dad would have been to be in the audience. I distinctly remember how eager he was to see “Tommy” when it came to theaters, and we often listened to your albums as children even though our innocence made it difficult to understand what WAS IT that made Uncle Ernie so off to us? We may have scars from youth -spiritually,emotionally, and even physically, and I felt mine healing just a little while seeing your past on screen and your present on stage. Life does go on, but it’s not always easy to let go of memories and wishes. My Dad died by 45 of alcoholism, and I am now 46. It’s painful to think of the waste of talent and the destructive wake that still ripples, but YOU helped me remember his good traits. Whatever thoughts you may have at what the world has become over the years, thank you for sharing your thoughts in song. You both look great for a couple old guys – can’t say too many in the audience could unbutton their shirts without grossing out everyone for miles and miles!! Thanks too for bringing attention to dealing with Teen Cancer. Best ~ JBD

  2. John M says:

    The Who show at the Barclays Center was amazing! Daltrey was in fine voice and Pete was blistering on the guitar and vocals were sharp as well. Pino on Bass, Simon on Rhythm guitar and the great Zac Starkey on the drums captured the essence and passion of Quadrophenia. Note for Note….unbelivable musicianship. They get better with age. Madiosn Square Garden is my next show.

    Long Live Rock and THE WHO!

  3. LyndaGrace says:

    nothing but spectacular reviews coming in. B). Would expect nothing but that!

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