The Boston Who Party – TD Garden, November 16


Photos by Steve Babineau




22 thoughts on “The Boston Who Party – TD Garden, November 16”

  1. Paul Nicolas says:

    Yet again, another great great show. Great job on the video Roger.

  2. Mark Doyle says:

    Superb show. The sheer magnitude of Quadrophenia was very evident. It was the highlight of the show. Pete seemed to be totally immersed and Roger was in fine voice throughout all of the material. Zak Starkey remains one of the best kept secrets in rock drumming. The video inclusion of Moonie and the Ox made for poignant moments and a lot of the video of the band made for a reflective evening while not overly nostalgic. Glad I saw this show. Lived in Richmond England for several years and would walk by Pete’s home there and always thought there should be a sign that said “musical genius lives here”. Long Live Rock.

  3. Richard says:

    I’ve been a fan for many years but never got to see the band in concert until last night. Although I wish that Keith and John had been there Roger and Pete put on an amazing show. Their performance was so good I can only imagine how great they must have been in their glory days. They may be two aging rockers but last night they gave a concert for the ages. Certainly hope they continue to work together and give us some new music.

  4. barry pelletier says:

    thanks .i was reliving all the past 40 plus years with the who in my i could relate my life with your music once again.thanks for doing this one more time.and the most important part of all THE WHO SOUNDS PERFECT!!!!!!

  5. Dr. Jimmy says:

    Great show despite Roger’s occasional struggles.

    1. Tim says:

      Ha, ROGER’S troubles? Roger’s troubles were ALL created by Pete losing his way in the songs! 5:15, Reign o’er me, and at least two other songs Pete played the wrong part, and once sang a nonsensical refrain when there was an entire stanza left to go…Roger stood there palms up saying “what the fuck are you doing? The guy on the mixer has to be quicker on the switch, because when playing lead, Pete will literally play right through Roger’s vocals.
      Pete was jokingly trying to run off the stage at the end of the set kind of mocking Roger’s reaction.
      At the end of the show their body language was almost hostile, they embraced each other with one arm, then roger stood with his arm around other musician while pete stood off by himself.

      It was a great show, and pete screwing up was kind of amusing, but the old tension between them is NOT far below the surface. I wonder if this tour will still be going in Feb.

  6. Karen says:

    Brilliant performance in Boston! I’m so happy I was part of the party! Rock on m/

  7. sheilwho says:

    Outstanding show! Fortunate enough to have VIP tickets last night and saw the sound check performance as well. Like seeing 2 concerts in one night! Loved the tributes to “The OX” and “Moonie.” Pete, Roger, Zak, Simon and everyone were totally in synch. The energy from the stage was reverberated from the audience…it was “WHO-TASTIC!”

  8. Brian Frost says:

    I loved the show at The Boston
    Garden. I’ve been going to Who shows since ’71. The production and performance was quite good. Roger’s voice is sounding good. Quadrophenia roared along with great sound. The energy level was high and the crowd response was positive. The Who show in 2008 sounded flat at times and lumbered along. Not so last night. I wish they could mix up the selection of Golden Nuggets songs at the end of the show. I think fans would cherish hearing rarely performed songs from their massive catalog. I know I would! Vintage Trouble was outstanding as an opening act. They are not to be missed on this tour. Get to the show early!!!

  9. Jackson B says:

    This is about the 90th time I have seen The Who since the late 70’s, they still rock after all these years. I can not wait to see them in NH & RI in February 2013. Rock on lads. Also had the chance to meet Simon, a great guy.

  10. Brian says:

    Had the chance to see The Who in New York when they debuted Quadrophenia (back when I was in 8th grade) and didn’t. I always regretted it and was glad I could rectify my mistake last night. Saw the concert with my son and two brothers and it was a fantastic show! The band played for over two hours without a break! Pete and Roger were in fine form, and the musicianship all around (particularly Zak Starkey on drums) was excellent. The vintage footage of the band (especially the appearances of John Entwistle and Keith Moon) interspersed with film clips of historic events was extremely well done. In fact, I enjoyed the show so much I am planning to go again later in the tour with my wife and some friends. Long live The Who!

  11. Grahame Perrin says:

    I call that a bargain the best you’ve ever had.

  12. Silvina says:


  13. walter belonos says:

    i am going to echo the other comments. there are many, many, many great bands out there but there is only one WHO. “nuff said”

  14. Vince says:

    Finally got a chance to see them after 44 years of waiting. Outstanding. The kids are definitely all right.

  15. Robyn says:

    Great show!!! Thanks so much.

  16. LyndaGrace says:

    magnificent photos.

  17. Mike says:

    great show in Boston best of seen video footage also top shelf THE WHO should be very proud of this show

  18. Mike says:

    GREAT SHOW!!!!

  19. Frank Halaburak says:

    Saw them in ’82 Philadelphia then ’97 in my hometown of Montreal…..Tonight was my 3rd Who show and was blown away ! Thank You Pete
    and Roger and the rest of the band ! The visuals were truly amazing, a perfect fit with the music. Hope this show comes out on DVD or Blu-Ray ?

  20. Well the Boston Quadrophenia show was different than the one I saw the first time in December 1973.

    Pete looked a tad older and he just laughed at his apparent knee problem at one point, as he feigned his signature leaping/dance moves.

    Roger’s microphone chord seemed to be a great deal shorter as well, lassoing less and watching more video during singing/howling breaks, than in ’73.

    Noticeably missing were the two other original members, less their video guest appearances. I reckon they must have been hung up at a local bar, arrested for some minor infraction, or maybe missed the flight from the other side. One more drum kit spared is one way to look at it.

    No seriously, the show was brilliant, moving, imperfectly wonderful Who live music extravaganza. And god we miss and love the other two very much. Thank you, thank you. Keep leaping and singing – it’ll keep you younger,….or kill you dead on the spot. Better way out than an Elvis on the toilet!

  21. Didi Feteris says:

    My first time seeing The Who…..Roger..You were amazing as you were in the Tommy and the Use It Or Lose It tours. I couldn’t wait to see Pete (Always loved his music). My expectations were high and you delivered. I had front row seats to this show, Tommy and the Use it tour…..The only way to go. See you in CT and hopefully on The Isle of Man?….. Maybe?

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