The Who At Madison Square Garden


Photos by Kevin Mazur








17 thoughts on “The Who At Madison Square Garden”

  1. EandK says:

    Amazing performance, amazing crowd and we remain awed by the musicianship, connection with the people and relevance of what is arguably the greatest work by the greatest rock music composer and greatest live band in history. Just crazy good.

    1. billy longmore says:

      saw the show at Brooklyn and Newark, and this is the best the boys have looked and sounded in years.

  2. Madeline says:

    The photos are from the 12/6/12 show at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ — not at MSG!!
    Great show!!!

  3. Kentavo says:

    You might want to not that it is Madison Square Garden – no S on the end.

    1. rlee says:

      Thanks. Typo. Jet lag!

  4. Jim T says:

    Yes, the show last night @ the “Pru-Center” in Newark, NJ was a tribute to the genius of Pete in writing Quad so long ago, so well-performed by him, Roger, and the band. The clips of Keith & John within the set were seamless & inspiring. I love the intensity & purity with which these great “godfathers” of rock shared their gift once again. Long Live Rock! p.s Read Pete’s book during the power outage from Sandy & noreaster— great read. Pete, I love you! God bless the rest of the tour.

  5. Matthew Greene says:

    Dear Pete & Rog. Having attended about a dozen Who gigs, starting as a 13 yr. old miscreant who witnessed Tommy at the Fillmore East on my birthday, OCT, ’69, during your 5 night stint there – I had to let you know that THIS performance at MSG on WEDS night equaled, if not bested – that night some 43 years ago on the lower east side.

    The sight, sound and motion video-driven extravaganza was superbly conceived, executed – AND GREAT!

    I was so touched, nearly to tears, by the Entwhistle & Moonie homages you built in to the show.

    BTW, the sound quality was incredible…so hats off to the entire team!

  6. Herb Clay says:

    Saw The Who at the Prudential Center in Newark last night … Easily the most phenomenal, awsome, incredible musical and visual spectacle I ever saw in my entire life!! … 2 1/2 hours of almost non-stop performance genius. They seemed to transcend all the genres and I could not really categorize what they were doing. Computer graphics and light show were state-of-the-art. A 10 -piece band functioning as a sonic singularity. This was the result of incredible teamwork, preparation and collaboration. My hat is off to the musical director and everyone else who took part in this extravaganza!!!!

  7. Karen Lund says:

    Saw the show at MSG, because I just couldn’t get enough after seeing them in Orlando. I saw The Who in ’74 in London; they were my youth, my love, my rock n’ roll. Nothing has changed in 40 years, except Roger is allergic to pot smoke. You guys are awesome. Rock n’ Roll has kept you, and me, young. Thanks for your contributions to this life. You’re incomparable. “Rock is here to stay..long live Rock. I need it every day.”
    Be Happy, Be Healthy.

  8. Steve Tavoulareas says:

    The only band tht ever mattered. Haven’t missed a tour since 1982.


    BEST CONCERT I’VE EVER SEEN! THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU! You thanked US? WOW! AMAZING! And post concert, I couldn’t believe I was at MSG! NO TRASH! NO PUSHING OR SHOVING! Everyone was COURTEOUS, KIND, FRIENDLY, and ORGANIZED! INCREDIBLE! I’m still on a “WHO HIGH”! THANK-YOU AGAIN, GUYS, for coming back for us and doing your magic and for bringing the spirits of your missing mates with you…we SORELY miss them too, but what GREAT subs you found! HATS OFF to them! Now the WHO family is even BIGGER!

  10. Jim Dawson says:

    First saw the Who in 1967. Their impact on rock ( and music in general) is unquestioned and indisputable as I have been fortunate to see their growth and maturity as musicians over these years. Truly one of the FEW pillars on which rock was and is built. Their ceativity and musicianship has few, if any , equals. There is no pretense in anything they have ever done . As a drummer –I always felt that Keith along with John Bonham were the best i’d seen and heard. Zak is right there as fitting in perfectly as do all the other “pros”. The Newark, NJ show confirmed all of this. Pete and Roger at the show’s end with his ” Cup of Tea ” — what a classy finale to another, in their long legacy, of great concerts !!

  11. Barbara Thomas says:

    To The Who you laid it Down like. You Always. Do I’m. 62 going on 29 you still rock

  12. Jena Stephenson says:

    The Who rocked Madison Square Garden so Hard last night.AWESOME show!I am 38 years old,Have always jammed The Who but I think Im In total love after seeing them last night.Amazing Talent.

  13. abraham castro-k says:

    i travelled from mexico city only to see the who… outstanding show. incredible performance. zak played incredible and 5:15 and BellBoy with John and Keith were so emotional. bravo… i also attended the next day at the NJ show. even better. i laughed a lot when Pete forgot the lyrics ar I’m One.

  14. Valerie in New Orleans says:

    I was lucky enough to be working in NYC & was able to get a ticket the day of the show. I Fell in love with the Who in 1970 performance in New Orleans & have seen them many times since including Chicago. MSG was an incredible experience & I’m so glad Roger had a swift recovery after that bloody speaker box got in his way. Awesome Performance Roger & Pete, I still love you. Ya’ll please extend tour and come to New Orleans.
    W H O

  15. BiLL says:

    The big fan comment was from me, if anyone has info. about “The Who’s” last concert at MSG I would appreciate it very much, I would love to buy that certain concert on DVD but I searched and never found it available but if it’s out there now PLEASE let me know where…THANK YOU…

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