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28 June 2023. Just a week away from the start of The Who Hits Back! summer 2023 UK tour, Simon Townshend took some time out to speak with’s Richard Evans and answer some questions put to him by Who Fan Club members.

Simon talks at great length about becoming a member of The Who’s touring band and his working relationship with his brother Pete, his musical family including his father Cliff and his own children, Ben Townshend and Josh Townshend. He discusses the differences in being a solo performer and playing in one of the most famous and iconic bands in the world plus his never-to-be-seen starring role in Ken Russell’s 1974 movie Tommy, footage of which landed on the cutting room floor and never made it onto the silver screen. All this . . . and more.

Simon talks also about singing ‘Going Mobile’ in concert, a song The Who have never performed live themselves. He and Richard discuss his recording of the song at Bob Weir’s TRI Studios in San Rafael, CA in 2012. Here’s that live recording.

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  1. Hoagie says:

    Witnessed Going Mobile in Norfolk,VA on Roger’s tour about 10 years ago


  2. I have lived the who can you look at quadrophenia

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