Have a selfie taken on the Ace Face’s Vespa GS this summer!

This 1964 Vespa GS scooter was used as a stage prop on The Who’s 1996 Quadrophenia Tour. Billy Idol, as guest vocalist played the Ace Face on the tour and would arrive on stage each night riding the scooter.

Ever since the tour ended, the Vespa has been stored in bits and boxes in a garage on Roger Daltrey’s farm next to his brewery. A few months ago Des Murphy, Roger’s son-in-law and partner in the family business. Lakedown Brewing Co. was chatting to the mechanic next door about the state of the scooter and how badly it was rusting away. The idea had always been to restore it and auction it off to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. They both agreed that if something wasn’t done about it soon it would be beyond repairing. But neither of them had the time or the experience to rebuild it. You would need a scooter fanatic who was willing to put all the time and effort into restoring this Vespa to its former glory.

A couple of days later a man named Jim Deans walked into the Brewery Taproom wearing a Mod parka Des jokingly asked him if he knew how to fix scooters. He said he didn’t but he knew a man who did.

Jim introduced Des to Aaron White of South Coast Customs UK  who has put in a super human effort into restoring this scooter. Not only stripping off all the rust and respraying the bodywork but also having the engine rebuilt using all original 1960s parts. All the time taken to do this painstaking work was done free of charge to help raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Halfway through the process Aaron said that it would be shame if after being auctioned off the Vespa ended up gathering dust in a collector’s garage somewhere. It really is a thing of beauty and should be experienced by as many people as possible. So Des suggested they should take it on tour before auctioning it off.

Aaron White and his partner Julie with Roger at the Teenage Cancer Trust shows at the Royal Albert Hall this year.

Aaron White with Phil Daniels on the Ace Face’s Vespa GS at Quadrophenia Alley in Brighton.

So now Who fans, Quadrophenia fans, Mods and Vespa fans can see the Vespa GS this summer at shows and festivals along the South Coast and on The Who’s current UK tour. You can even sit on the bike and have your photo taken in exchange for a £5 minimum donation to the charity that gives young people with cancer the best possible care and support. Donations can be paid on card and in cash.

Kicking off the scooter’s appearance starts this coming weekend when it will be on show at the Black Deer Festival of Americana at Eridge Park, Kent on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June. Full details of the Black Deer Festival here.

Further appearances of the Ace Face’s Vespa GS will be at:

• The Who Hits Back! 02 London 12th July

• The Who Hits Back! Derby 14th July

• The Who Hits Back! Badminton 16h July

• The Who Hits Back! Durham 19th July

• The Who Hits Back! St Helens 21st July

• The Who Hits Back! Brighton 23rd July

• The Who Hits Back! The Eden Project, St Austell 25th July

• Modern World Cafe in Brighton for the Mod Bank Holiday Weekend 25th, 26th and 27th August


Ain’t you the guy who used to set the pacesRiding up in front of a hundred faces?I don’t suppose you would remember meBut I used to follow you back in ’63

You can donate to the Teenage Cancer Trust right here

22 thoughts on “Have a selfie taken on the Ace Face’s Vespa GS this summer!”

  1. Allan Anderson says:

    This would look fantastic in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle. Any chance of it making the journey up here for the Scottish Gig at such an iconic landmark? C’mon lads, make it happen.

  2. Glynn Mulhern says:

    Is the scooter coming to Edinburgh for the concert?
    If not can it please.

  3. Richard Hawley says:

    Hopefully we can get a photo at the Durham gig , great cause 👍🇬🇧🛵

  4. Joanne Cox says:

    Awe, are you not bringing it to Edinburgh? This would look amazing with the castle in the background. Please bring it to Edinburgh

  5. Andrew Newberry says:

    Just a pity it is not travelling up to Edinburgh for the 2 shows at the castle
    It would be amazing to see
    And all the Scottish fans would love to see it
    Any chance that this could happen

  6. Dave Anstice says:

    My son and I got our pictures taken on the scooter at Roger’s TCT show at Royal Albert Hall.
    It’s a thing of Beauty and a great way to fulfil those Quadrophenia dreams!
    It’s been my screensaver pic ever since!

  7. Eileen says:

    Please, please come to Scotland xx

  8. Asron says:

    We are working on it hold tight Edinburgh

  9. Duke says:

    I’m in! Will be at the London show. Went to 16 Quad shows in the USA in 96/97, looking forward to it!

  10. Matt says:

    Please bring it to Edinburgh for the epic shows there.

  11. Hugh McColl says:

    Would look fantastic with the Castle backdrop at Edinburgh, please make it happen 🙂

  12. Abbie says:

    Is it not coming to the hull gig? 🙁

  13. John Ansbro says:

    Can we have our picture taken with it at The Who strikes back in Brighton ( Hove County Ground) in July ?
    John A

    1. The Who says:

      Of course you can, if you give a donation to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

  14. Davie Hamilton says:

    I’m in Brighton 7th July to 14th July,will the bike be there at any point during that time

  15. David Cook says:

    Can you not get it up to Edinburgh.


  16. egg watson says:

    Yeah please bring the GS Scooter to Edinburgh over the weekend 8th / 9th July….! That would make mine and a lot more peoples day….! 🙏🏼

  17. Saw the Paris show on Friday…..awsome!!!

  18. Sean says:

    Can’t wait me and my wife are going St Helens 😎

  19. Rupert says:

    I was at Derby on Friday 14th July, and got a picture, awesome scooter and incredible show😎

  20. Andy noakes. says:

    Was nice being the ace face for a moment. Wicked scooter. Brings me back. Plus the lads were great at badminton on great form.

  21. John Kelly says:

    Flying in tomorrow for the concert on Sunday what a bonus to have the ace face scooter there. Can’t wait

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