The Who Hits Back! summer 2023 UK tour begins today!

The Who Hits Back! summer 2023 UK tour kicks off today when we place the ball well and truly over the goal line at Sewell Group Craven Park in Hull, the first of our eleven UK dates.

The special guests on our UK tour are UB40 featuring Ali Campbell except for the two Edinburgh dates and the Eden Project when our special guest will be Simon Townshend and our show at the 02 in London on 12 July where we will have Isabella Coulstock as our special guest. Isabella will also be opening for us at Derby The Incora County Ground, Durham Seat Unique Riverside and Brighton The 1st Central County Ground.

The Who’s special guests at the Royal Sandringham Estate will be Richard Ashcroft and the Lightning Seeds.

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our shows in the UK this summer and hope you have a great time wherever you come to see us!

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39 thoughts on “The Who Hits Back! summer 2023 UK tour begins today!”

  1. Hope it doesn’t Rain on Me on Saturday!

  2. Robert Macneal says:

    Come back to Philadelphia!!!!!

  3. Shirley Beevor says:

    Absolutely amazing last night at Hull didn’t want it to end!

  4. Ronnie Barnes says:

    Is there to be a video or blu Ray commercial film of this current tour for public release in the future?

    1. The Who says:

      No plans as yet, but . . . you never know

  5. Rachel Boynton says:

    Saw them in Edinburgh and they were AMAZING! Way better than expected!

  6. 永松一郎 says:

    We’ll be waiting to japan!come back again.P lease‼️

  7. Michael McDonald says:

    When is Roger going release a CD/Album of some of Pete’s solo songs that coulda, woulda, shoulda been Who songs???? What better project during Who down times to keep Roger’s voice fresh? He’s already done a version of “Let My Love Open The Door,” and live versions of “Sea Refuses No River,” and “Eminence Front.” The song list could span their whole career. Here are my suggestions for a Roger solo album I would LOVE to own… A Legal Matter, My Baby Gives It Away, Keep Me Turning, Rough Boys, Jools & Jim, A Little is Enough, Empty Glass, Gonna Get Ya, Sea Refuses No River, Face Dances Part Two, Stardom In Action, Eminence Front, Give Blood, A Friend Is A Friend, and lastly, English Boy. This would make a great 80th Birthday release for Roger and Who fans!!!!!

  8. John Hamer says:

    I am in a wheelchair and had tickets for the O2.we expected UB40 to be the support, with The Who hitting the stage at 9pm. I had a hospital appointment today, but pushed myself to get to the O2. We arrived at 8:30pm, which gave us time to see The Who. When we arrived inside we discovered UB40 did not appear and The Who started at 8:15pm. Then due to a mess up by the O2 with our ticket, we were not able to sit and watch the band until 9pm. We missed 45 minutes and I am very upset. I am nearly 72 and now don’t expect to see The Who again.

    1. The Who says:

      Sorry you had so much trouble at the 02 on Wednesday. UB40 featuring Ali Campbell were not billed to appear at the 02 and it said so on our web site and social media posts. The start time for The Who was also not stated as 9.00pm.

  9. Steven Page says:

    Great show at the 02, thank you for the amazing music

  10. Sibs says:

    Hi. What time at Derby tomorrow please? It says 1700 but that seems really early.

  11. David C. Hughes says:

    Going to the Derby show tonight with my eldest son, looking forward to it. What time will the show likely finish, as checking trains back to Nottingham afterwards?

    1. The Who says:

      About 10.30pm

  12. Steven Page says:

    A much weaker sound at Derby than at the 02 and a very poor response from the audience, I’m afraid many of them where I was didn’t seem to know who it was they were listening to?! (Why did they come?). Also, and no disrespect to those who behaved properly, loud talking ,and very heavy drinking all night! Seemed to adversely affect the performance as the band must have been aware of the response?!

  13. Andy N says:

    Absolutely fantastic in Derby last night. Pete ‘windmilling’ and Roger hitting that high at end of ‘Who are you’…. and the incredible violin playing in Baba O’Riley. Wow!

  14. What a great idea, Michael! I often thought the same hearing ROGER sing certain songs on Pete’s Solo projects. Here’s one I would add to your list: “somebody save me.” Roger to me is the best rock ‘n’ roll singer of all time, an inspiring man and artist; I saw him opening his North American solo tour in Vancouver, BC, Canada around 2006, I think; to me that particular touring band sounded like The Who on Leeds and Quadrophenia, and I think those guys would generate a WHO-like experience for this recording project. To me, that was “Young Man Blues” from Leeds, and “The Real Me” from Quadrophenia; would be a an amazing gift to get another record that blows you away. Roger still has the power and skill and spirit. Cheers, with Gratitude!

  15. Lorraine Everard says:

    I’ve got tickets for the concert at Hove on Sun 23rd July.
    I know the gates open at 4pm, but I can’t get there then….
    Can you tell me, please, what time UB40 are due on. And then what time The Who are due to take to the stage.
    I’ve searched everywhere for this info but can’t find it.

    1. The Who says:

      UB40 probably around 6.30pm and The Who around 8.15pm

  16. Incredible so far seen the Paris both Edinburgh shows and Derby utterly brilliant. Incredible. Make no mistake The Who continue to amaze.

  17. Mike McGunigle says:

    Really looking forward to seeing the tour in St. Helens on Friday. I’m taking my Dad as a birthday treat, he’ll be 75,hes always been a Who fan but never seen you live.
    I see gates open at 4:30pm, but what time should we expect UB40 to come on stage?

    1. The Who says:

      About 6.30pm, Mike.

  18. Matthew Ridley says:

    Paris was immense; both Edinburgh shows were ‘Remarkable’ according to the Edinburgh Herald. Derby was fantastic described by a critic as ‘Heartstopping’. I’m off to Durham and St.Helens this week; can’t wait!!!!!!!

  19. Tony Durkin says:

    So looking forward to St Helens on Friday. It’ll be 50 years in November since I saw the band live for the first time of many since – and what better way to celebrate my ‘Who-iversary’than seeing them again? Bring it on!

  20. John & Sue says:

    Travelled in from Detroit specifically to see them at Edinburgh and Badminton shows – both shows were absolutely incredible. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Pete rip out a Rickenbacker guitar for a few songs, what a pleasure to see and hear. Roger’s voice and swinging mike were a flashback to earlier times. People were so great to us, we felt so welcomed here, thank you for that. The Who is a National Treasure, we will never forget this entire trip. Met so many new friends, and our old ones were on the stage. Well done!!!

  21. As the UK’s number one fan, I’d love to meet up with likeminded people; I’m staying at the Campanile in Washington tomorrow, prior to the Durham show. Hopefully see fellow fans there.

  22. John says:

    Are all the stands for St helens closed?
    Just had am e.ail from see tickets moving me from a good veiw to one o the oor were I would t see when everyone stands up all within one day of show?

  23. Chris Phillips says:

    I remember as a 9 year old Boy listening to My Generation back in 1965. I have seen them on numerous occasions.Went to Edinburgh first Night and off to Hove on Sunday.Pete , Roger, thank you for all your Music and the happy times I have had watching you and listening. You have been a big part of my life, absolutely brilliant

  24. Just been to the St Helens gig…1st time was Charlton in 76…this was just as great…ya can’t kill rock n roll…love these guys and the fans are just as crazy as ever…where would we be without The Who…!

  25. Paul van Eijk says:

    It’s been some time doin’ Europe (Holland)………

  26. Jenny says:

    I took my mum, dad and uncle last night to st helens and it was one of the best live performances I’ve ever been to! Vocals, music, lights, everything was amazing. The orchestra were fantastic too, especially the violinist towards the end!

  27. Chris says:

    Went to the St Helens gig…as good as Charlton in 76 – my first of many. Great time down at front…Thanks Pete and Roger and band…ya can’t kill rock n roll…!

  28. Gilly says:

    We saw you at Bristol Badminton Estate. The show was amazing with orchestra, we had a fantastic time. Epic!!!!!! Thank you

  29. David Halloran says:

    Going to the show today but the weather isn’t looking great. Is there a risk of not going on due to weather?

  30. Bernd Hachmeister says:

    Dear musicians, once I stand for closed doors in Dublin. I bought tickets long time before. Arrived after 1500 miles with parts of my family in our old car, started in Hannover Germany. And than this fucking lock down. A big dream damaged to see, hear, feel… the band in between this crazy Irish people. Now a few weeks ago I saw you in Berlin. Thanks not God, thanks the universe. Thanks you, I had got wet eyes. I’m coming to Sandringham, sure.To see, hear, feel… you in between British crowds

  31. Steven Page says:

    After the volcanic hell of trying to park a car in Brighton and Hove thankfully the gig was very good, some great moments and crucially an audience of actual Who fans! Great stuff.

  32. John Storey says:

    After seeing the bands 1st gig with the orchestra back at Wembley a few years back I was a bit unsure what to expect at Brighton,however no worries awesome sound much better than what I remembered at Wembley. Pete seemed really up for this & was fabulous to watch throughout handling all the anouncements & chat throughout, wonderful evening, wonderful gig really kicking myself for not doing the O2 night in London, please God don’t let this be the last Who concert I’ll witness.

  33. Steven Page says:

    Yes the highlight for me at Wembley was the great version of imagine a man, I think one of the things I’ve enjoyed so much this time around is the sheer joy of seeing them again and the sonic richness of the sound , when it works, it really works. Yesterday though I was amazed to see and hear the superb Rick 12 string!

  34. Nick says:

    Best ever show ( and I have been to some gigs ) Wife said she doesn’t need to see any more bands now as the show at Eden last night won’t be beaten by any band.

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