Sensation – The Story of Tommy + Launch of Tommy Superdeluxe Edition




Want to win a pair of tickets and Pete and Roger for the launch of ‘Tommy – The Super Deluxe Edition’ at a secret London venue on Tuesday, 22nd October? It will feature the premiere of the new documentary ‘Sensation – The Story of The Who’s Tommy’, which will be broadcast in the UK on BBC4 on Friday, October 25 at 9pm and Saturday 26 at 2.55am. It’s going to be a great night.


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In this revealing new full-length documentary, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend and their inner circle talk about the making of Tommy and of how it changed the lives and fortune of The Who.


Here’s a quick taster for you….





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7 thoughts on “Sensation – The Story of Tommy + Launch of Tommy Superdeluxe Edition”

  1. giuseppe moleri says:

    che bello

    1. I have been in the Pre-0rder Q for weeks
      Amazon uk. Com ( great pricing )
      Howard S
      Detroit Michigan

  2. I can hardly wait for recieving THE SUPER DELUXE TOMMY. The Who is THE GREATEST SENSATION ever!!!!

  3. Slip Kid says:

    It is just absolutely mindboggling to watch THE WHO play. Especially a “Young Moon”….WOW!!! Just watching the trailer, you can see it in Roger and Pete’s eyes that they wish Keith and John were here to add their own comments…No worries, John and Keith are Still alive in the music. TOMMY is a MASTERPIECE I will never tire of.

  4. Peter Chrisp says:

    Can’t wait for it’s release this one will be massive, a 45 year old classic!!!

  5. Alan Shine says:

    In 1998 I worked as a bouncer at a club in London called Sound Republic it was the 2nd night of the opening of what was called Rock The Dock benefit. being a Massive Who fan & Pete being like a God to me I broke all the rules that night on talking to the artist, but unlike all the other Artist that night and future nights who had their heads so far up their own arses not even an GPS could get them out, Pete on the other hand not only gave me his autograph and a Guitar plec he spoke with me for ages about the who himself, I brought up the subject of seeing Quadophenia 3 times and seeing them in the 80’s and also seeing Tommy performed on the stage in London, I asked if The Who would ever do it as a concert? he never said no but sadly it’s not happened. It was great seeing Quadrophenia twice this year, but would love to see The Who perform Tommy being the fact their Quadrophenia tour was so successful what would the chances be of it ever happening? Also I’m sure at Wembley I heard Pete say about being back in November?

    One last note Thanks Pete for Tommy it enabled me to talk about a very dark part of my life as a kid and this got me the help that I needed for that I love you you saved me from my messed up mind.

    1. Chef Jem says:

      Thank you Alan!
      I agree about the gift of Tommy! There is something about Tommy that distinguishes it most uniquely in ways that I have yet to fully articulate and yet which became a mutative part of my life! I started writing a paper on this in the 80’s and I continually get additional insights into the archetypal depths in Tommy (that as far as I know have never been made “accessible” before). I am one most grateful “mutation” who actually gained the courage to literally break my own mirror/s and do whatever it took to free myself from the deafening, dumbing down and blinding bondage of social conditioning that begins at birth when we enter this world.

      In Freedom!

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