Thinking about the Ox……











13 thoughts on “Thinking about the Ox……”

  1. stepee says:

    Very sad and possibly avoidable death depriving everyone of a great musician and songwriter. Sadly missed!

  2. philhopo says:

    spent a lot of time with the fans….met him a few times, top bloke, top musician sadley missed

  3. William Harris says:

    Still missed.

  4. Marc says:

    Happy Birthday Ox. If you can read this where ever you are.

  5. Danny McCullen says:

    Remembering John played Solo at Club Synergy in West Chicago in the late 90’s, on his Birthday. At soundcheck, everyone gathered around him to sing Happy Birthday. He seemed very happy. I know I was. Cheers John.

  6. Patrick says:

    Great man, greatest of bass players, enormous miss. Wish you were still with us Whiskey Man.


    I was lucky enough to see the band in Cleveland in the fall of 2000 amongst the several times I’ve seen them and to this day I still remember the absolute power they had in front of a crowd.I can only imagine what it was like in the 70’s.Somewhere Keith is counting in the song and John is nodding his approval-with a wicked grin on his face I bet.

  8. chris & dad says:

    John playing with Nicky Hopkins somewhere again

  9. Chris says:

    Ya know when Keith passed I thought Ok it was gonna happen, When John passed I said well does Roger or Pete really know what this means? it’s up to them does it end with you or does it go forward with you? Long live rock

  10. Greg says:

    Your gifted musicianship will always be a guiding light for those who next take on the challenge of contributing to great & lasting music. Thanks John

  11. David Wooldridge says:

    Legend! as the whole band are! I was at the Quadrophenia show at Wembley Arena, one of many Who gigs I’ve seen..unbelievably fab!The Ox doing solo 5:15..brilliant.and Keith too,amazing and fitting! Long Live The Who..plz carry on!

  12. Eric Magnusen says:

    John was a true gentleman. I met him in upstate NY a few months before he passed away. He was kind enough to step out of the passanger side of the car he was sitting in and stand in the rain so my brother could snap a picture of the two of us! I will never forget that moment because he got soaking wet and it meant the world to me. RIP John.

    1. stepee says:

      Nice thing to have happen – back in 1989 myself and a mate were leaving a gig at Wembley arena and John and his driver went past in a “big black Cadillac”. We stared and he stared back! No other interaction though, he was still in his stage clothes if I remember correctly.

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