Remembering The Ox…..


……. Today and every day






Boris The Spider



John Entwistle











10 thoughts on “Remembering The Ox…..”

  1. Susan M. says:

    The greatest bassist of all time! Love u John!

  2. Ron says:

    To the best there has ever been on the Bass, Hope you’re still playing it loud where ever you may be. Thank you for being part of the best live shows I have ever attended.

  3. Pascal Durand says:

    The greatest bass player ever of one the greatest world’s band…

    1. kevin insley says:

      I’d like to echo those words. A great man in a great band!

  4. philhopo says:

    I remember pulling up at Glastonbury Festival,to see THE OX RIP in spray paint on the large metal fence ! Belle and Sebastian did an acoustic WHO set too ! Sadly Missed !

  5. brendanosullivan says:

    the greatest bass player ever thanks john

  6. sportster john says:

    A great man! The ox ‘s band was playing a very small venue in Tucson.
    I knew he would be there early so I waited outside his bus with a vid of kids are alright to get signed. Soon he came out to go do sound check.
    He approached me and I asked him to sign it. We shook hands and he took the vid and my ballpoint and started to sign. Then he stoped and said “this is no bloody good ya can ‘t see it ” and before I could say anything he ‘s gone back in the bus. So I ‘m just standing there goin waaa, Then the bus door opens he steps back out and signs again with a sharpie he retrieved. Handed me the vid and the sharpie and said “there ya go mate “I thanked him and thanked him for all the great years of music. He disappeared in to the venue. And it was one of the greatest moments of my life. Sorry to go on but it needed to be told.
    loved the OX I know he ‘s banging them bass riffs in “Who heaven ”
    John S.

  7. b.j.carew says:

    Cannot forget the time I saw them at the city un (London) in 1967 stood at the feet of the ox and the sound of the bass and him punching out,, the greatest bass player ever..GOD BLESS YOU.. BAZ..

  8. scott reith says:

    I was very Lucky when I was 18, I met Pete,Roger and John on June 30,1980. 33 Years to the day in Scottsdale,Arizona at the Hilton. I recieved autographs from all my Musical Heroes that day.When I met John I joked with him and said his signature was the easist to read and most legible of the group. He laughed and said Thanks!

  9. Derek Hunsaker says:

    Work making bbq sauce.

    When I was 16 my good friend called me after school and asked if I was doing anything. I said no. He then told me he was going to pick me up. I asked for what he did not say. He picked me up and took me for a burger. When we got into the car, he handed me a Who Ticket. I only new a few songs then but I have been the biggest fan ever since. I was in a near death accident a little after that. I do not remeber much but after my opperation I was able to recognize some of the who music before I even knew who my familly was. There was some pictures of music during recovery and the person showing me the pictures of a music note whated me to say music. I said Who. The tried to kindly say I was wrong. My mom told them I was right. I did the same thing when showed a mountain. I said mogel they tried to tell me I was wrong again, mom said no he was a hot dog skiier that is a moggle.

    I am now 47 years old. Listen to the band still everyday. You inspire me.

    My last wife was going to get tickets for another show prob in Vegas, John died a few days latter. The 1982 Show in Salt Lake was the only time I was able to see you. Keep up the good work.

    Love Big D

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