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The Who’s ‘Quadrophenia and More’ UK tour has been unanimously praised by the press……


The Times


Daily Star

The Guardian


A steady stream of fan reviews has also been published by in its tour reports over the past week. Here are some of them:








If you’ve seen any of the shows or are going and wish to submit your review, send it to

It may also be published and so become part of the band’s history. 


Meanwhile, tickets are still available for some of the remaining shows. To buy them, CLICK HERE.







9 thoughts on “Quadrophenia + More: Fan Reviews”

  1. James Jackson says:

    Me and My dad were at the London gig on the 16th June (fathers Day). I know, great fathers day present.
    And i have to say it was Possibly, no, It WAS the best Gig ive ever been to. Even though we were at the top of the 02, you still could get the full effect.

    P.s. That bass solo for the Ox was Amazing

  2. Mike Tomkins says:

    I saw the band launch Quadrophenia at the Lyceum Ballroom in London 40 years ago and have seen them numerous times since all around the world.
    The gig demonstrated both their sensational musical talent and raw power as live musicians.
    The still blow away every other live rock act on the planet with ease.
    An incredible night with the band playing for over two hours flat out.
    Congratulations to the supporting musicians who together with Pete and Roger delivered perfect timing with the interactive sets.
    Pete and Roger both deserve Knighthoods for their contribution to the music industry and their unwavering support to wonderful charitable causes.
    It was an honour to be there.
    Yours sincerely,

    Mike Tomkins

  3. nigel davies says:

    Went to see the Who on Sunday 23/06/13.
    Bloody awesome guys,their voices were as good as ever, saw them the first time in 1982, that was my first gig ever and was blown away for ever.
    Dont hang up your boots yet guys.
    Thankyou for the music!!


  4. Steve Carter says:

    Went to the o2 gig on the 16th June with my brother.Have to say it was,for me the best gig ever and I first saw The Who at Charlton in 74.
    Rogers voice fantastic and Pete gave a wonderful performance of his masterpiece.Pino and the the other musicians also deserve a mention as they were superb.

  5. Martin Quigley says:

    Only Mr Townshend could describe the town he is playing as a “shit hole” and get away with it.
    The Who will never get old and having seen them several times since 1976 (Charlton Athletic) they are still the best live act I have seen.
    The film inclusion of Keith Moon on “Bell Boy” and John Entwhistle’s solo on 5.15 were masterclasses in how to pay a tribute and extremely moving.
    Zak you are great but you’ve got a rival on drums. Who was he? Brilliant!
    These old boys could teach the young ones a thing or two on how to deliver a show and wow an audience.
    As I was listening and watching I was thinking that one day this show will be repeated one day as “Last Night at The Proms” or as a sell out London Show. That is not to undermine the great live show but to add to the versatility of Townshends music,
    Sir Peter Townshend and Sir Roger Daltrey sounds good.

  6. Gail Swann says:

    Awesome show last night. Feel so privileged to see the Quadrophenia set performed, and in such style and with such energy! Loved the moving tributes to Keith and John; brilliantly done, along with the stirring visual social commentary. Still buzzing and wish I could sit through it again… and again… and again… Genius writing, playing, singing, making history.

  7. tim marsh says:

    total fab show,after 50 years still sound and look fresh as thunder fingers and moony tribute nice touch,great show maybe next time tommy.

  8. Steve Morris says:

    what an unbelievable couple of days, took two of my sons along to watch the Quadrophenia concert in Cardiff motor point arena awesome so much energy still in Roger & Pete and the visual effects with John & Keith were so emotional for us oldies.
    Thanks both for such a brilliant night.
    My boys also had the pleasure of meeting and have photos taken with the support group Vintage Trouble who were also superb.

    We also went the following night to see Simon Townshend at the Globe in Cardiff, if anyone is thinking of going along to see one of his gigs then GO he is again superb, in such a small venue he blew the place apart he was brilliant, also such a nice guy we had our Quadrophenia ticket signed along with his CD
    also had a few photos taken with him nothing was to much trouble for him.
    There’s a young drummer playing in his group Greg Pringle take note this guy is going places he was great!

    To all of you Roger Pete Simon and gang thanks for making us so happy.

    All you WHO fans come on lets get Roger & Pete
    Knighthoods they deserve it

    All The Best
    Steve, Dewi & Gethin

  9. Karina Harris says:

    Last night’s concert at the LG was amazing. The whole show and graphics were brilliantly put together. Incredibly it felt quite moving seeing Keith and John as well and so cleverly integrated into the concert.Pete and Roger are so incredibly talented and span the generations and the rest of the band have smoothed the transition into 21st century.The crowd were buzzing and we absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing your genius

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