Pete: Who Recording Update and Wembley

Roger and I had a very long day of press and social media at Wembley Stadium to plug our concert there on 6 July. Although the stadium is different to the one we played in at Live Aid, and with AC/DC even further back in 1979, we were asked many times whether we remembered those shows, and how this forthcoming one would be different. It was tempting to make jokes about it, and we tried, but the fact is we are honoured and excited that at this phase of our career, and at our age, anyone would think about coming out to see us play a stadium like Wembley (which let’s face it is really Ed Sheeran’s London flat these days), and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be another amazing event. We are performing with an orchestra, and Roger made it very clear that it won’t just be an add on: it will be a cohesive and valuable complement to the kind of intense shows we always do.

When we play in London, as well as seeing our local fans, we gather so many old friends – this is our town after all – but also family and other musicians we know. It’s a wonderful thing. I hadn’t seen Roger for quite a long time, and it was good to spend some time together even if we were working. I’m not sure that we do all that well when we do interviews together – we have different ways of approaching the process – but we did our best to agree to disagree on very few things and surprisingly ended up agreeing on 99% of everything. Isn’t it amazing what 55 years of working together can achieve?

Roger is very positive about the new songs we are working on for the forthcoming album. He has been doing sketch vocals, getting used to the songs and finding his own place, and his own way into the stories. I’m about to listen to more work Roger has been doing in the studio on vocals, and I know he will surprise me and delight me as always. Until Roger sings one of my songs it isn’t really a “Who” song, and the magic is starting to happen.

14 March 2019

Photo by Samir Hussein

Photo by Samir Hussein

Photo by Samir Hussein

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