Pete: Who Recording, Tour and Vacation

Today I am starting a two week vacation prior to the final session on the Who album in early April, and rehearsals for the tour in late April. The timing isn’t great, I don’t want to travel with so much distance to be covered in the coming year, and the weather isn’t looking very promising here in the UK in March, but I need to close down my brain for a while. I feel happy about the way the album is unfolding, and Roger’s sketch vocals are really exciting to hear. It’s coming together, and I think should sound great when it’s finished. I am also looking forward to the rehearsals and the first leg of the tour in the US. I am going to do some walking, stretching, reading, and hanging out with Rachel and our dogs, and do a bit of guitar practice. Nice. Groovy. Cool. Fab. Look how happy I am . . . and now I don’t need the glasses . . .

15 March 2019

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1 thought on “Pete: Who Recording, Tour and Vacation”

  1. John Portelli says:

    Hi Pete
    It will be interesting to see what direction the new album is taking after Endless wire which I thought was a good album and shows how diverse you are musically . What are your dogs names by the way

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