Pete: Day 2 – Second Who Studio Sessions

Metropolis studios, 8 March 2019

Really, it’s still just me on the music, with Dave Sardy producing, Jim Monti on the computer, Myles Clarke assisting on computer, Simon Law doing guitars. I’m playing vitamin pills and bass guitar. Roger is doing vocal rehearsals on the songs somewhere else . . . as I’ve said before. I did a publishing conference last night to announce my novel, but forgot to take pictures…. so no Instagram on that. Our video helper Brian Beaver needed some time to rest his brain – like me he’s been working flat out, but unlike me he isn’t working on his own creative stuff. So I wish him well, and I apologise for my crappy video while he’s away.

8 March 2019

Guns, which I know nothing about, except that I don’t like them

Trying to get the hang of the new song on my Rickenbacker 12-string

Some added percussion from my vitamin tablets

And some acoustic guitar

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