Pete Townshend’s Audible Original: Words + Music: Somebody Saved Me

Pete Townshend’s new Audible Original, Somebody Saved Me, is out now and available to stream for FREE in the US. In his entry to Audible’s Words + Music series, Pete reckons with the time period that occurred between the dual losses of Keith Moon and John Entwistle; the 24 years when The Who enjoyed their greatest popularity — and broke up.

Featuring new recordings of songs written during this time (‘Let My Love Open the Door’, ‘Slit Skirts’,  ‘You Better You Bet’), hear Pete as he bares his soul, bares his teeth, and bares his heart in this one of a kind audio performance.

Listen now at

7 thoughts on “Pete Townshend’s Audible Original: Words + Music: Somebody Saved Me”

  1. Byron Vick says:

    I attended the Woodlands Pavilion concert on May 8. The show was even way better than I had hoped it would be. It was the best performing arts event I have ever seen. Thank you and the band so much for coming to The Woodlands, Texas. Best wishes to you all going forward, sincerely, Your life long fan.✌️

  2. Mike R. says:

    Will the new recordings of Let My Love Open the Door, Slit Skirts, ‘You Better You Bet be available for download on iTunes at some point ?

  3. Tom says:

    Do you know when it will be available in the UK please?

  4. Byron Vick says:

    Wishing Mr Townshend a very happy birthday. Best wishes to you going forward. ✌️

  5. Carma with a K says:

    I would love to know WHO it was that saved him amd what they saved him from…

    Best noun EVER

    Maybe on day someday we can all save each other

  6. Carma with the sea says:

    Who says what
    What? Doesn’t know
    Why? Asks why . . . at least it tries
    Where should know at least where they are
    When is always now

    I am
    I can

    Love u guys

  7. CJ says:

    If you go to, and not ( will give you the option to be redirected to .com), then you can login to Audible using your Amazon account email and password and then be able to stream this audio.

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