Pete Townshend Walks The Talks on T.V.

Pete Townshend’s had a busy week promoting his memoir WHO I AM, which was published in the U.S. on October 8th and will be published in the U.K. on October 11th.


Here are some of the interviews.;flexGridModule


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11 thoughts on “Pete Townshend Walks The Talks on T.V.”

  1. john donoghue says:

    The View??? I’ve been looking forward to ‘Who I am’ for months now. I was at the final two concerts of the first ‘final tour’ thirty years ago. I thought it was a historic moment. I think Pete’s being on such a show takes something away from his stature. When he hears “You smashed your guitars…” I could feel him cringe. I couldn’t watch anymore.

    1. Given that he begins the book by talking about smashing his guitar, it is not surprising that he is asked about it.

  2. david doran says:

    The View was epecially difficult to watch with Ms. Hasselbeck getting a windmill demo and all of the yentas talking over each other!

  3. Daniel says:

    Great to see you out and talking here my great learned soul.

    Looking forward to seeing you here in Denver at the Can this Winter!

    Bless your travels for happiness upon the days.

    Forever your music is heard for all to enjoy.

  4. LyndaGrace says:

    It’s been wonderful seeing Pete on TV with his interviews.
    Great, fun interviews.

  5. RT Johnson says:

    C’mon The View is harmless, for christ’s sake whoopi is the host, it’s not that up tight. The whole windmill thing Pete was a good sport. Life is too short to worry about artistic integrity at every turn, and frankly pete has the right to make sure the record is straight regarding events in his life. So what if some soccer mom giggled about the windmill as Pete went along with the gag. There are so many other things in life to wory about. He cannot worry about what form the American public get its info from, even “God” can’t give this country taste, doubt Pete is gonna try. Keith Richards was everywhere promoting his memoir. Pete did a couple of “those TV shows”, set the record straight. Now guessing he can live out the rest of his life as psychologically unencombered as possible, lord knows he deserves it for all the fun he has brought the whole world. That said was the Flamingo line planned or did he just come off the cuff with it, golf style was pretty funny man, but I noticed he didn’t stay behind her for too long. Just long enough to facilitate the joke. And like I said Whoopi is on it every day, and she’s as mellow as can be. This is the same Whoopi whom while guest bartending seven or so years ago talked me into a second budweiser, cause they were 2 for 5. Anyway sorry to comment on anyone’s message, don’t mean any harm. I apologize if I offend anyone, not my intention, just thinking out loud. And Pete is capable of speaking for himself…

  6. milopinball says:

    i was exhausted (some of us are still working) when i clicked onto The Who website but absolutely rivetted into waking lucidity by Pete’s supremely confident handling of the interviews.Such consummate mastery Pete & i think you touched a lot of hearts sharing your suffering so honestly.It’s given me a lot of anguish previously but now i feel like im basking in your emergent triumph.

    Milo Pinball

  7. Rig Knudsen says:

    Nice video piece about Pete at the bottom:

  8. @john donoghue: I can’t say for sure (are you out there, Pete?) but I’m pretty sure the book company lines up the interviews and Pete dutifully goes and does the interviews. Check out the interview on The Daily Show, it’s great!—pete-townshend-extended-interview-pt–1

  9. Boz says:

    After all these years, I finally have reached some understanding of why the “Who’s Next” album was so transcendent. “Who I Am” has brought Mr. T’s artistry into a new clear light for me.

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