Pete Townshend at NYPL

Pete Townshend has been delighting audiences with public readings and television interviews to celebrate the launch of his memoir WHO I AM.


Here are some pics taken on October 8th by SPIN’s Jori Klein at the reading at the New York Public Library.


For more information about Pete’s book, go to









4 thoughts on “Pete Townshend at NYPL”

  1. Pete, thank you so much for coming to Bookends Ridgewood, NJ this evening. it was truly a pleasure and an honour to meet you however briefly at this event. I mentioned to you briefly that I went to school in Brighton and we had a bit of chat. I was in Brighton for the filming of the Quad movie and met Roger briefly there. Looking forward to reading and enjoying your book. Thank you so very much for all your music and spirit that you share over the years. My Mom (who recently passed on) loved your music too and took me to my first Who concert. See you in NYC in Dec!

    Veronica James

  2. Stan says:

    Hi Pete
    i was wondering hoping we could get an endorsement off you for this facebook page i admin…We are looking for 10,000 likes we are quarter of the way there now….When we hit 10,000 we will be going into production of what hopefully will be the best MOD pic since the legend that is Quadrophenia…The Film Academy based in London will be producing this Movie the proviso they placed on us was to show them there was still enough interest in the Mod Culture to sanction a Movie so thats where we are at so anything you could possibly do for us would be amazing on a personal note can i thank you for the music….Stan WATMTM Admin

  3. Rob Fricke says:

    I look forward to reading my book when I get back to NC. I missed seeing you in Boston Friday on your way across the pond/back home- that would have filled my bucket list.

    As a loyal fan for 40 plus years, I eagerly await next month’s tour with my family and seeing all in NC, truely an event for ever to remember.

  4. Lee Harrington says:

    We all had a great time seeing Pete at the NYPL. We met some amazing fans in line, and by the end of the evening we all felt like family. It was also wonderful to meet Pete for .76 seconds. We love you, Pete!

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