Pete: Day 7 ~ Who Studio Session

Last Day of this Series of Sessions

Myles Clarke, Pete, Jim Monti and producer Dave Sardy

We managed to complete drums and bass overdubs on seven songs in as many days. These sessions were based on tracks that I produced in my home studios, mainly between May and August of last year.

This overdubbing on top of my home studios sessions is how The Who albums have been made since Who’s Next when we first overdubbed on my home studio tracks of ‘Baba O’Riley’ and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. So again, as in those days, we added real drums, real bass guitar, some guitar from me, various percussion elements and anything that our producer Dave Sardy felt might make my basic home recordings come to life. He has done a great job. He’s very sensitive to the amount of work I already did on a lot of these recordings, and has just made them better. I had a bad cold for the last part of the week – I’d been out to a couple of gatherings, and mingled with people, and paid the price, but I feel good. Zak and Pino were just superb, lovely to spend time with them again.

Zak shows us his new t-shirt

Polydor Records A&R guy Richard O’Donovan and Ben Mortimer, Co-President of Polydor

Myles Clarke

My personal studio assistant and engineer on my studio barge Grand Cru Myles Clarke was on hand every minute to make sure the computer sessions we brought in made sense to Dave Sardy’s own man Jim Monti. British Grove were wonderful hosts for the week. My equipment manager and archivist Brian Beaver shot most of the studio footage.

9 February 2019

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    Where did Zak get his to shirt from?

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