Pete: Day 5 ~ Who Studio Session

Still drumming. What we are doing is adding drums and bass – and sometimes guitar – to the tracks I recorded last year to play to Roger for a prospective new Who record. My demos were fairly advanced, and technically good, but I didn’t try to play real drums, and adding drums always feels better if there is bass at the same time. Pino and Zak have a great vibe going, and all their work has enhanced my basic tracks.

Then there are some fun additions like this . . . where on a song called ‘Beads On One String’ Zak added some Keith Moon-style flourishes. Check it out.

Handclaps, getting them absolutely right, is so much harder than it looks. See for yourself. These are three of the highest paid studio people in the world, and they are utterly useless. (So sayeth the composer . . . )

We’re having a good time now. So sad to say goodbye to Pino who has to go back to LA for a prior engagement. We have Dave Sardy and Jim Monti for two more days, and Zak will hang with me. Zak’s been doing the most work this week. He’s been a stalwart. Thanks Zak, and thanks too for being so positive about my new songs.

6 February 2019

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