Cincinnati, December 3, 1979

In this mini-documentary, Roger Daltrey speaks about the 1979 tragedy publicly for the first time. He told organizers and supporters of the P.E.M. Memorial Scholarship Fund that he and guitarist, Pete Townshend took the incident very hard. “One day I hope Pete will come (to Cincinnati),” said Mr. Daltrey. “Maybe we will come together… (Pete has) this kind of tough exterior, but he’s not at all.”

“Roger Daltrey’s visit has been very healing and cathartic for the Finneytown community,” said Fred Wittenbaum, member of the P.E.M. Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee. “We are not reliving the past, but carrying forward the memories of Stephan, Jackie, and Karen. We’re grateful that, through paying it forward with music and opportunity, we’ve grabbed the heartstrings and attention of the band.”

“This is a story of tragedy, new opportunity and reconciliation. Telling it through the mini-documentary is a tremendous opportunity and an enormous responsibility,” said Nick Shell, co-founder of RESLV video agency. “We’re thankful to all the entities, big and small, who helped us secure rights to music, footage and the stories of the young people who were lost in 1979.”

The P.E.M. Memorial Scholarship Fund preserves the memories of our three Finneytown friends who lost their lives in Cincinnati, Ohio on that tragic night 39 years ago. Each year, they build up three dreams for Finneytown High School seniors.

Thank you RESLV for putting this video together to shine a light on the memorial.

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