Pete: Day 4 ~ Who Studio Session

So, another day, but moving on . . .

We finished work on the first song, moved to the second, moved quickly through the third so now we are managing a song every day. I got to play a tamarind shaker (I discovered these seed-pods hanging from the trees in Antigua – amazing sound) and some bass harmonica on a song called ‘Detour’. Many of you will know “The Detours” was the name of The Who before they became The Who. In this context the lyric is about men needing to find new routes, new pathways, new ways to reach a decent but still honest way to approach women in our lives and our business. We need to make a “swerve” …  avoid the old ways.

So it’s not so much an attempt to echo #MeToo as an acknowledgement that it has been one of the most exciting things to happen in our business for years.

Producer Dave Sardy and his engineer Jim Monti 

The things that make the yanga-dangs

Today we had a visit from the Polydor Records Head of Marketing, Lucy Dann, and I have to say the label have been wonderful so far. It’s a long time since The Who made an album, but we are being treated very well – it’s a pleasure. Our A&R guy Richard O’Donovan is just great. Knows his music, past, present and (for all we can see) future. We are being supported.

5 January 2019

Me playing a bass harmonica

Zak, as ever, keeping the beat

1 thought on “Pete: Day 4 ~ Who Studio Session”

  1. Cheri Kent says:

    I just bought a new sailboat. I also just named it DETOUR! I love the new album and enjoyed your show at Alpine Valley in WI this past summer (one of many I’ve seen over the years). I need crew gear now and a spinnaker that says Detour by The Who.

    You have an open invitation to come sailing with our crew in Milwaukee, WI, USA, anytime! As always, thanks for the many years of inspiration.
    Cheri Kent

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