Pete: Day 1 – Second Who Studio Sessions

Who Studio Sessions – Day 8

(Second Studio Sessions – Day 1)

This day numbering system doesn’t make much sense any more. (This is Day 1 of a second set of sessions). While Dave Sardy and I work in London, putting tracks together, and adding bits and pieces, Roger is working on his vocals – ready for critical recording soon – somewhere in Kent at a wonderful studio I will namecheck when he’s finished. I am also doing work on a couple of new songs that we may include which will be good to see in these video diaries because we will be starting on songs from the ground up if they happen. Drums, bass, guitar and maybe keyboards. Maybe even a Roger vocal if he is around. 

Roger is always very busy at this time of year because he curates the Teenage Cancer Trust Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. 

On the Who album, there is not much time. In the  scheduling meeting with Dave and Richard (A&R from Polydor) we spoke about the tenuous reality of getting 10 to12 tracks finished and mixed for a complete album delivery before May . . . and May is the very latest that makes any sense. If we don’t make this deadline the album could easily slip into 2020 because the tour dates are filling up the year. So we are trying to be as focussed as possible, but still have fun in the studio. 

Metropolis is quite different to British Grove, a great studio to work in, plenty of space, and it’s good to have a change. We have some orchestral recording to schedule, hopefully at the amazing Air Lyndhurst in London, and we may well pick up some more days at British Grove at some point.

PS: This past weekend I produced seven tracks in three days with The Bookshop Band at my own studio in the English Countryside, and when I get some free time (ha ha) I will post some video on my FaceBook page. Their music is wonderful, every song is based on a book they have enjoyed, or some great classic, and their style is quite unique – but evokes the best era of English folk music recorded by producer Joe Boyd: Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band, John and Beverly Martin etc. Yes, it’s that good, and that straight cut and poetic. Joe Boyd is tough to emulate as a producer. He always let the music find its own space in the ether, but made sure it sounded wonderful. My engineer Myles Clarke, and assistant Brian Beaver worked hard to do him justice. Check out The Bookshop Band

5 March 2019

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