Tina Turner 1939-2023

“Sad to hear we have lost Tina Turner. She had been ill for a long time, and struggling to stay in touch with old friends. She will have some peace now.

An astonishing performer, and astounding singer, she was also an R&B groundbreaker. We don’t want to say too much about Ike Turner – her abusive husband – but her early records with him were simply out of this world. She always took flight when she worked with him, leaving him like a fifth wheel, chipping away at his basic riffs. When she was finally free of him her work ascended to new, even higher heights. It didn’t seem possible.

If you ever had the privilege of seeing Tina perform live you will know how utterly scary she could be. She was an immense presence. A female Little Richard. She seemed like a giant: shaking, sexual, physical and stunningly beautiful. In the flesh she was fragile, vulnerable and a truly sweet and empathetic person.

She was of course my Acid Queen in the Tommy movie, and it is often my job to sing that song with The Who, so she always comes into my mind. It isn’t easy to deal with. The song is about abuse at the hands of an evil woman. How she turned that song on its head! All the anger of her years as a victim exploded into fire and bluster and a magnificent and crazy cameo role that will always stay with me.

She has been in my mind for the last ten years, I kept meaning to track her down, and see how she was. I truly thought she would live forever.”

Pete Townshend


“What a singer! What a performer! What a life! A true original artist, and simply the best.”

Roger Daltrey

14 thoughts on “Tina Turner 1939-2023”

  1. Gina Betcher says:

    Bless her heart.

  2. Robert Fricke says:

    An amazing artist and singer. Her life stories, overcoming daunting challenges in her early life and career, only to achieve incredible success in her singing, acting, and life.

    I will always remember her amazing voice and stage presence, from her Acid Queen in the Tommy movie, and to her concerts.
    The way she could begin singing soft and smooth, then crank in the Voltages and right away, shock and alarm you with her high pitched vocals.

    Tina Turner, she will always be the one annd only True Acid Queen forever!!, RIP.

  3. Robin Jacquelyn Alexander says:

    Tina’s life is an indelible example of overcoming the treacherous things life can bring your way. How cool that she was able to contribute to the greatness that was Tommy, Pete’s Masterpiece!
    She will always be loved!

  4. Johnny QUINN says:

    She kicked ass and took names…Beyoncé look at what you might become!!

  5. Truly a one off
    Love most of her songs too, especially Steamy Windows.

  6. It was remarkable what she was to us American white boys before you guys came to us from London Bridge and so when your masterpiece was the first real rock opera gave her the perfect part to perform my tears were plastered to my face! She will always be my dance partner

  7. luile says:

    I think she never forgot what The Who did for her when she was asked to be “The Acid Queen” in the “Tommy” film. She began to have her career back. She named her record “The Acid Queen” and also recorded and added to that record, her version of “Can See For Miles”.

    During her last ever concert in 2019, he sang two WHO songs. “Acid Queen” and “Wont Get Fooled Again”. That tell us something: she never forgot The Who.

  8. Kelli says:

    Going to sadly Miss Miss Tina Turner she was a role model for women we all wanted to be like her from her strength to her beauty inside to her beauty outside and let’s face it her legs we all wanted her legs rest in peace

  9. She was an inspiration to all women. Her performance showed her freedom from Ike..I am happy she found love peace and success before her life was over. God bless Tina!

  10. Ruud Arends says:

    She was unbelievable good and that what she showed when she got rid of Ike. She was so clever to keep her name “Tina Turner”

  11. Tina was such a beautiful lady, strong force that kept on pushing get through pain and heart ache abuse is not easy! I have scares from this myself. Out of it all I so happy she found true love . That’s every thing most of don’t find. So sad for her and her devoted husband May our Heavenly Father keep him well until revelation 21:3,4 is for filled just a cane for many years❤️🙏🏽! Pmcneil

  12. Dennis Jordan says:

    I loved that woman! She will always be in my heart! Would love to spend time with her in heaven!🥰

  13. Viola says:

    Tina was simply the Best Queen of Rock&Roll

  14. Richard says:

    She really was the best. I remember watching Tommy for the first time on an old VHS tape. God that tape wore down. Tina’s performance was mesmerising Tina Turner. RIP

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