Pete: Day 8 – Who Studio Sessions

Dave Sardy our producer went back to LA for a while to work with Noel Gallagher, but he’s back on Monday. “The Who” (that’s me and my guitar basically, with Roger waiting for some working tracks, Zak standing by to help with drums) go back into the recording studio, a different venue this time – more on that later. Roger has started working on vocals in a studio near his home, Bobby Pridden is engineering for Roger. Look out for new video shoots next week. Over the weekend I am producing a few tracks by The Bookshop Band – I met them when I produced some songs for my friend Reg Meuross. Reg is playing a solo show at Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush tomorrow night (Thursday 28 February) so if you are free check it out.

I’m hoping I might be able to get some video footage of Roger working on his vocals, or at least a “hello” for you all. About to email him to ask if that will be OK.

The photo above is me at Ramport Studios working on the Tommy film soundtrack in 1974. Photo by Johnny Dewe Mathews.

27 February 2019

Two of the coolest guys in rock….

Eddie is playing with us at Wembley Stadium. Photo by the equally legendary Ross Halfin.

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