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Moving On! Tour: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, October 13, 2019

The merry band of brothers and sisters Although we had two shows here, only one day apart – we had to pack away and load out all our stuff, store it in the trucks… and then reload everything back in […]

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Moving On! Tour: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, October 11, 2019

Back at the Bowl, so many memories here. One wouldn’t think it, but Los Angeles is one of the most-loyal Who followings anywhere. It’s a music city, and the place that birthed some real outsiders-with-talent. When one thinks of tinseltown […]

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Moving On! Tour: Chase Center, San Francisco, CA, October 9, 2019

The Chase Center – new name to us, as the venue itself is only about a month old! It’s right in San Francisco, so surprising that they had enough room to build it; this is a very crowded and expensive […]

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Moving On! Tour: US Final Leg, October 2019

Short report today, as I prepare a report of the San Francisco event. We’d had a scheduled week-off planned before the West Coast leg of this tour, our last runaround for this North American tour. And with two shows postponed […]

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Moving On! Tour: Toyota Center, Houston, TX, September 25, 2019

You may have already heard the news about tonight’s show. But here’s a bit more from our side. Today is another arena – downtown Houston, certainly a metropolis with long history, many buildings still left here from the 19th Century, […]

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Moving On! Tour: Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL, September 22, 2019

We are not far from our last show – not even a three hour drive. In fact, we have virtually the same orchestra here, and so our setup is much-improved. The powers-that-be have decided in advance NOT to rehearse as […]

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