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Brian Kehew's Backstage Blog

Tommy Rehearsals at Bethel, NY – June 4, 2018

“Good morning, campers!” We are in a hallowed rock place: You may not know that the famous Woodstock concert of 1969 was not held IN Woodstock but in the neighboring village of Bethel. Our venue is on the site of […]

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TCT at the Royal Albert Hall, London – March 22, 2018

This could be considered “a home” of The Who. Certainly, there have been a lot of special nights of Who music here over many decades. It’s not an ideal rock and roll hall, acoustically – although it’s better than most. […]

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The Fox Theater, Oakland, CA – March 15, 2018

Another beauty! The Fox Theater in Oakland is one of the treasures of the Bay Area. Built in 1927-28, it was a palace of entertainment back in the day, then was shuttered for 40 years! Inside, the place fell apart, […]

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The Bob Hope Theater, Stockton, CA – March 13, 2018

Stockton is not a common destination on our many tours, although it’s not far from Northern California’s normal stops: San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento. Stockton is an old city, a hub of various things, and tonight – it’s music central. “Age […]

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The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV – March 10, 2018

We’ve had a couple of days off. That’s nice – and needed. Good news; we were able to leave a good amount of our gear set up, and only a partial setup was required today. It also bodes well, as […]

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The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV – March 7, 2018

Back at it again… It’s been a few months since we’d done the final shows in Niagara Falls. Roger’s band is back, intact and rested. Roger himself is happy to be here and working again – as we hear his […]

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