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Brian Kehew's Backstage Blog

Estadio Ciudad de la Plata; Buenos Aires, Argentina – October 1, 2017

The South American tour is done. And no question; it was a wonderful experience. We had to undergo some serious breaks from the norm to get us here and back. Strangeness and challenges abounded, but all in all, it seemed […]

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Estadio Monumental, Santiago, Chile – September 30, 2017

We’re back with Guns N Roses again, another big stadium event. This ones a bit trickier as things are crowded for space, not like Rock In Rio. Overall the day is a grey one, and just more work than usual. […]

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Anfiteatro Beira Rio, Porto Alegre, Brazil – September 26, 2017

A night for the history books, for sure. Porto Alegre is down at the southern-most end of Brazil. Most of us were not familiar with the place, yet it is a city surrounded by nearly five million people. As with most […]

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Rock In Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 23, 2017

Rio is already legendary – names like ‘Copacabana’ and the famous ‘Girl From Ipanema’ conjure up old visions of this wonderful coastal resort. But in today’s reality, this city’s a mix of many things. Yes, some of that old world […]

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Allianz Parque Stadium, São Paulo, Brazil, September 21, 2017

Today the São Paulo Trip festival begins, and the first Who show in South America will happen. The mood is pretty calm. The people organizing the show have handled things well, and despite some real unknowns for us here, it […]

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Allianz Parque Stadium soundcheck, São Paulo, Brazil – September 20, 2017

The is the first Who tour in South America. There are various reasons why it has never happened before, but the situation reminds me of their first tour in Japan, also a land they’d never played. Japan was a stunning reception, […]

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