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LIVERPOOL – Echo Arena – Monday 3 April 2017

  We’re in the land of the Fab Four. I’m certain Liverpudlians get tired of that, but it’s pretty important musically. Is there anything bigger? It’s become a very different town over the years, and is still changing. As Roger […]

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Tommy and More Tour: Royal Albert Hall, London, April 1, 2017

“Got a feeling  ’17 is gonna be a good year . . . ” And back again! Only a brief day off, and yes, we did have to load ALL the equipment out after the last one and then again […]

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Tommy and More Tour: Royal Albert Hall, London, March 30, 2017

The first time The Who have played Tommy in 28 years. It was scheduled to be “acoustic Tommy” – and that was the intent Roger had when booking it. The occasion demanded something special; this is the 100th TCT (Teenage […]

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Tour Rehearsal 2: London, England, March 21-24, 2017

“Do you think it’s alright . . . ” “We’ve moved. Last week, small hole – this week, huge cavernous immense space! We’re on an undisclosed lot in a massive warehouse room; space enough to set up everything as-needed, and […]

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Tour Rehearsal 1: London, England, March 21-24, 2017

  “I have no reason to be over-optimistic . . .” Well, here we are again, the family/team/organism that is The Who and their people. About 90% intact from our last run, we always lose a few crew or band […]

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DESERT TRIP FESTIVAL (Weekend 2) – COACHELLA, CALIFORNIA Oct. 16, 2016       Exactly one week later, we return to do this festival. An odd feeling, to have deja-vu but know it’s a real memory – and not so […]

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