An Evening with Peter ‘Dougal’ Butler

Following his talk recently at the Drum Clinic in Redditch, Peter ‘Dougal’ Butler, ex-roadie for The Who and long-suffering personal assistant, butler, chauffeur, valet and often times nurse to the late Keith Moon will be making another appearance to reminisce about his years working with the famed British Patent Exploding Drummer.

‘Dougal’ will be appearing at the Broad Oak Sports & Social Club in Portsmouth of Friday 27 September. If you get the chance to see and hear Dougal’s tales and stories about working for Keith it is well worth it and a really enjoyable way to spend an evening in such good company.

Dougal will be talking about events in Keith’s life, what he was really like and the value of their relationships.

Other topic covered will be

• Keith in the studio and live appearances with The Who.
• Stories with John Bonham, Ringo, Lennon and many others.
• Money issues
• Did he rehearse?
• Partying
• Places he has lived and some of the people he met.
• Antics he got up to but wouldn’t be able to today.
• The Keith Moon film that didn’t happen – but might!
• Keith’s car collection

Tickets are on sale at the Broad Oak Sports & Social Club in Airport Service Road, Hilsea, Portsmouth or you can purchase online here.

Keith with ‘Dougal’ at the Edgewater Inn, Seattle whilst on tour with The Who, 1971

6 thoughts on “An Evening with Peter ‘Dougal’ Butler”

  1. David Gomez says:

    Are there any shows near Surrey / Middlesex on the horizon by any chance??

  2. Dan Stenger says:

    Yeah! Thanks for doing this, Dougal. Please bring your show to the USA. You will find loads of Moon the Loon fans in Washington, DC.

  3. Carolyn Marosy says:

    Would love to have you come to NY!!! NYC or Woodstock

  4. Robert Young says:

    Saw him in Redditch so would highly recommend going if you can make it. Top man.

  5. Scott Adelstein says:

    Been a Who fan for over 40 years it always amazes that when ever events are planned celebrating The Who or its members New York is always left out.

    Case in point Who Conventions, why aren’t some of these events held in the United States.

    We all are aware of their history and the United States and its loyal fan base help the band to stardom.

    I hope that holding some of these events here in the future in the US would be considered down the road.

  6. Gerald Boettcher says:

    When are you going to make a stop in Flint, Michigan?

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