Alan Rogan – A Tribute

Today we have some very difficult news. One of the most important people in The Who family, our guitar tech and dear friend, Alan Rogan, has passed away.

Alan has been with the band since about 1975-76, taking on the often-intense role as Pete Townshend’s guitar technician. For the next 40+ years, he became a core part of the innermost family here; few people have meant as much to our world as Alan. These last few years, he battled with cancer, and this last tour leg was the first one he’d been unable to attend. He’s dodged a few flying guitars in life – but he’s free of any such worries now.

His last months were spent around his home in England with countless friends and family visiting these last few weeks. His most notable work was the decades as one of Pete’s closest circle. Alan had also been George Harrison’s personal equipment wizard and a close family friend. Among other stellar roles was work with Eric Clapton, Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Hank Marvin of The Shadows, Joe Walsh and the Eagles, Yusef Islam, AC/DC, Tom Petty and so many more.

Alan grew up in Newcastle, a rough and ready location, where he loved attending ’60s R&B/soul concerts there, moving to a more happening London music scene in the early ’70s. One of his life’s great highlights was playing guitar on an Aretha Franklin session, but his greatest pleasure was outside his musical history – his two grandsons, Jett and Dax.

Much of our crew were hand-picked by Al, and we are honored to be part of his chosen family – spending many years with him all over the world. No words can express the hole left by this overwhelming and large personality, such a bold and funny charmer of a man. Alan was at home in a world of music legends and “big rock stars,” as he had confidence and a sparking persona that could keep up with the best of them. Although always working on the support team side, he was as big a star as anyone he worked with.

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to his family and his countless friends worldwide. The day after John Entwistle passed away, Alan told me “At the end, all we can ask is ‘A life well-lived?’” Indeed, Alan Rogan’s life was.

We’ll miss you, big Al . . .

Brian Kehew

On behalf of The Who’s crew, friends and family.


65 thoughts on “Alan Rogan – A Tribute”

  1. Jelle says:

    Very sad new. Condolences with the loss of Alan, a very friendly man.

  2. Ron Cianciaruso says:

    May Alan rest in peace and may his family and extended family find comfort during this difficult time. Alan has surely earned a spot in the Heavens, and we know he will keep all of the Harps in tune. Rest easy Alan….

  3. jason hodkinson says:

    This is very sad news for not only The Who camp but fans alike. Thoughts are with you all x

  4. Steve Ellis says:

    Surprised and sad to hear Alan was a lovely guy he will be greatly missed by many.
    My heart goes out to his family and friends.

    Steve Ellis

  5. Mark Fintz says:

    RIP Alan. Was fortunate enough to meet and talk with him

  6. Frank Lucido says:

    Good bye my friend. I will miss you so much Thank you for all the laughs and all the tears. When we see each other again in a better world we will hit the pawnshops together and every one of them will have sunbursts and black guard Telly’s and they will all cost $200!!

  7. Laurent DOUGLAS says:

    A close friend of The Who and especially to Pete Townshend is a friend of any Who fan. I am sad for Alan Rogan , his family and friends. And my though goes to Pete Townshend with whom Alan worked for many years as guitar technician but who were also so close friends. .

  8. Dennis Scrimo says:

    A man that never let me down.. a man that just the mention of his name brings a smile to my face and my heart
    We burned the midnight oil until it was gone …I’m not a weeper but in this case I can’t help it..
    Rock In Peace my friend

  9. Chris Capp says:

    Very sorry to hear this news. Seeing Alan stroll onstage before a Who show holding one of Pete’s guitars always made the excitement greater. He was an integral part of the band and their sound. It was great to see him at the studio with Pete in March in one of the vlogs for the new album. His work will live on. May he rest in peace.

  10. Christopher Runciman says:

    Scrimo and I worked with Alan , We shared some good and some ‘interesting’ days….Great to be around another of the ‘old school’ gone to do some preproduction for us….,,!

  11. Kevin Buell says:

    Man…what can be said? That smile, that laugh, that life. Truly a legend in our field. Consider myself blessed by God to have known him. Til we meet again Alan, rest in peace my friend.

  12. Alan was a close friend and confidant… and we spent many, many wonderful times together when he was with the Stones and in the years after. He was funny, fun and a good soul with a heart of gold. Love you, Brother…Chuck Leavell

  13. Ms Robin LeMesurier says:

    So sad i won’t get to hug this stellar man again when you come to Atlanta :(((😔he was a great friend , a good man and so so loved by so many people all o we the world …
    i True one of a kind . Peace and Blessings to him and all who love him. He will be missed💗🙏 night Night Nala. Sleep with the angels 🙏🦋

  14. Dan Whitley says:

    RIP Alan,
    Condolences and all Love and Light to his friends and family.
    Peace and warmth,

  15. Douglas Cook says:

    Knew Alan from the Manny’s Music days. He’d come in and chat, buy stuff and just be a great all-around guy. RIP stout fellow!

  16. Jackson Browne says:

    Alan was a funny and generous man, and a talented guitar tech – a guitar whisperer…. and a keeper of many clues and insights as to the workings of a band. He was always buoyant, and always ready with a story and a sage observation. We will miss him. My condolences to his family and all his friends.

  17. patrick kilgallon says:

    So sad to hear of the passing of a fellow Geordie and Who legend. Heartfelt condolences to all.

  18. Graham Nash says:

    Amy and I had the great fortune to be friends with Alan for many years. Always there for you, always with a smile and a hug. We will miss him so much. We’re so pleased to have known him and will miss him for the rest of our lives. RIP Alan, goodbye.

    Graham and Amy

  19. Dave Sproat of Junco Partners says:

    Alan Rogan, Our dear friend from 1965 , a Saturday boy at Barrats music shop in Newcastle. He had a knowledge and interest in guitars and amps long before he even left school. I remember well him coming to our gigs and down to Liverpool with us to see our hero’s Otis Redding, Sam and Dave and Booker T and the MGs at the Stax Show at the Empire Theatre in 1967 when he was just 16 and then his later move to London in the mid 70s which changed his life. He found joy helping the best musicians in the world and making friends so many like minded experts around the world. He is the loveliest person, with a huge smile, warm and witty and he always took time to look you up despite busy life and his world travels. His dedication to his daughter Kerri and grandsons Jett and Dax was overwhelming and his life touched so many people who will miss him greatly.

  20. This is Bernie Hamburger of HAMBURGUITAR. My first encounter with Mr. Rogan was when he phoned me to tell me that while George Harrison was alive, the only guitars he played his last few years were the ones I had built for him. Then in 2007, during a Who tour in Las Vegas, he had phoned me to give him assistance with a repair on one of Pete’s Fender guitars. Alan was very pleasant to be with, such a warm and humorous lad indeed. I am struggling with sadness to learn that he has sadly left us, although he will always have a place in my heart. Alan will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege of calling him a great friend.

  21. Dan Stenger says:

    Will always remember those numbered guitars on the 1976 tour. God bless you, Alan. Your contribution was immense. Always marveled at your hard work before, during, and after shows.

  22. irish jack says:

    A true gentleman. I met Alan in about 1975 October tour when he first joined the band. He sent loads of ‘the famous Alan Rogan’ plectrums and Pete Townshend plectrums. He had a habit of responding to me by either e mail or text as ‘Jack Bucko’. He was a proud Geordie. Threw me off the stage once. But we were always good friends. Love you Alan and won’t forget you.

  23. tracy rowan says:

    My heart is so heavy. I have many wonderful memories of not only working with Alan on a CSNY tour but so many shows as his guest watching his masterful guitar work. I loved him as a dear pal- his sense of humour, and generous nature. I once ‘smuggled’ a bass amp he bought in Toronto over the US border while he was on tour with the Eagles so Joe Walsh could have it. I’ll miss you Alan my ‘geezer’ friend- xox,

  24. David Reilly says:

    Great loss to the world of music, inside and out. The original guitar tech. We all walk in his footsteps. He famously said, “They work for me!”.
    A kind and generous man who always greeted me with a smile. I learned something new every time our paths crossed, which was not often enough.
    I’m very sad today. My sympathies to all his family and friends.

  25. Alessandro Nardi says:

    Sometimes the people don’t know that behind a great show there are a great technicians… Thanks Alan

  26. Sad to have heard about the passing of Alan. First met Alan in London in 1975 when we were both working for Maurice Placquet’s musical hire company basically as roadies. I remember Alan was always methodical and a super great kind hearted Geordie. They day he left to go work for the Who didn’t surprise me, he was the real deal! Only managed to see Alan a few times over the years but I remember him well. The Who played brilliantly on Saturday at Wembley and their hearts clearly were playing for Alan and I won’t forget that show. My condolences to the entire Rogan family.

  27. Clive Brown says:

    Alan, a fine pal, I had the good fortune to work on some great because of Alan, I will miss him loads.Wherever he is now he will be sorting out guitars for whoever needs it.
    Rock On My Friend!

  28. Lisa B says:

    An absolutely beautiful tribute to a man that clearly meant so much to you all.

  29. The news of Alan’s passing really saddens me.
    I had the good fortune of meeting Alan at one of my gigs here in Rochester, New York.I was very happy that we did stay in touch these last couple of years.Loved talking guitars with him.
    Genuine is a good word to describe him.
    He was so much fun to be around.God Bless You Alan.

  30. I enjoyed meeting Alan at Bubbles Laundrette in Teddington, hey it was washday!
    An immensely enjoyable couple of hours as our socks dried and Alan regaled us with some great stories, John Porter was there with him and John had produced several John Mayall albums during my tenure as a Bluesbreaker. We had some laffs!

  31. Ron Eve of Bromley says:

    Very very proud to have known Alan for ‘a few decades’. He was a good pal, damn fine guitar-fettler and had the wickedest sense of humour. He helped me on many occasions in my teching days and even recently spotted a beautiful guitar that ‘I should have’. ‘Just buy it!’ he said. And he was right of course.
    I’m gonna miss you ‘Famous Al’.

  32. Alan Robinson says:

    I met Alan Rogan at The White Horse in Brentford, with Nick Lowe – I was doing Nick’s PR at the time. It was nice to meet a fellow Northumbrian, and I knew of Alan’s renown before I met him, and I never met him again, however, in the one meet you could tell he was a genuine bloke and the Real Deal, much like Nick Lowe. What a sweet feller. A sad, sad loss indeed

  33. Willie Nile says:

    Sending condolences to Alan Rogan’s family and The Who family for the loss of such a deep treasure of a man. He was the guru of all guitar techs. His smile and his warm and playful heart rang as true and as clear as any guitar ever did. Rest In Peace dear friend! Willie

  34. Kevin Gilpatric says:

    I knew Alan from my position with Showco and Clair Brothers on The Who 2002 American Tour, Alan was the personification of a “bigger than life” character. His stories, his insights, his help (me) always made me want to show up every day and try to do the very best job I could. Years after that tour when our paths crossed again I was so pleased and proud that Alan remembered me, with all the people he would have come in contact with over his career to have remembered me felt very special, I truly believe that was exactly how Alan treated everyone. An extraordinary man, one that comes along all to seldom, especially in our business.

  35. Jim Hornsby says:

    I knew Alan from the early days in Newcastle,Barratts Music Shop…funny,shrewd and driven,I knew he would “do” something and he did..RIP Rogan/as we called him then….x

  36. John Hill says:

    The Mighty Rogan. Alan was a Guitar Titan and a Guitar Tech before the term was invented but it could have been made exclusively for him, he was that decisive and authoritative in all he did for any production that was fortunate enough to have him onboard. His unswerving advice and knowledge was like the Guitar Bible of Rock n Roll.
    At the beginning of working with Alan, Fender guitars were not great but Alan got me involved supplying Fender guitars for Pete’s rehabilitation charity Double O and this led to a close relationship so that when the time came to turn Fender around and start making great guitars again, with Alan’s help we did. Alan played a major part in rebuilding and rebranding Fender with the Britpack of Great British Players who were Alan’s mates and the without exception they became the first to take the message to the world that although they loved their pre-CBS Fenders they were now retiring their precious vintage guitars in favour of the new golden age of post-CBS Fenders. Alan, we couldn’t have done all this without you mate, rest easy xxx

  37. Jim Barber says:

    R.I.P. old friend xx
    I first met Alan in the mid-70’s at Shepperton Studios, after buying a Boogie Combo from ML, owned by The Who. We became good friends and later he got me the job as guitar tech for The Rolling Stones, taking over from him in 1982.
    He was the best guitar tech in the World. Everyone knew him and respected him. He taught me a lot.
    Over the years, we kept in touch from various parts of the globe, but sadly, the last time we spoke, he told me of his illness and even though he was poorly, he had the same whit and humour that he was renowned for.
    Thanks for being my friend xx

  38. Rob Fraboni says:

    One of the most lovely people I have ever met. A truly generous soul. The godfather of 2 of my children. He lives on in our hearts forever.
    Sail on my dear friend. Farewell, but not goodbye. ♡

  39. Chris Romano says:

    Alan had a way of making his friends feel special. He was a wonderful guy who always had a joke or hilarious story to tell. I’ve never met anyone with a passion for Epiphone solid bodies like Alan. When I visited his home in the mid 90’s, I couldn’t believe his collection. While checking out his Epi’s etc, I noticed a black duojet on his personal repair bench. I looked at him in stone fear frozen. I remember uttering the words ” is that?’ he said yep and handed it to me and said I’ve just set it up for George. Do you like the action? The Cavern Gretsch Duojet! I was a few feet off the ground for at least a week. This was something he did spontaneously. He did this just simply to make me feel special. I will never forget him. Thank you Alan. Rest in peace man .

  40. Tana Lucido says:

    For Alan’s daughter Kerri and grandsons Jett and Dax. I am sorry for your loss and am sending love and sorrowful condolences to your family. You are the love of your father’s life and you made him proud of you and your sons everyday in every way. Out of all this grief I have the fondest memories of you. Such an adorable and witty little girl. Disneyland and Christmas with you are lifetime highlights. You are very much you father’s daughter and I will love you forever. All love and Godspeed. Tana Lucido

  41. Nils Lofgren says:

    Was blessed to tour with Alan and call him friend for decades. Always lit up the room, the gig and my heart while doing brilliant work and inspiring those around him. Blessings to his family and countless friends worldwide.
    Alan, we miss you. Please haunt us with your humor and great soul, fly and dance in Peace my friend. Nils n Amy L

  42. Alan was the best at what he did. Many people will miss him. My thoughts are with his family, friends and PT.

  43. A true example of goodness, grace and talent. Alan was all these and more. He understood the meaning of friendship, and always demonstrated this. Alan lit up the world around him, with compassion, humour and wisdom.

    We will miss you forever, Alan. Thank you for being here.

    Elliott & Jane

  44. Alan Scally says:

    It was my pleasure and privilege to help Alan out with VOX amps and more over the last 25 years. I feel so very sad that I won’t be getting any more of those calls which would begin with a simple request about a guitar or amp, but develop into an hour of talking about everything under the sun. In the close world of professional guitar techs, he was the Big Daddy.
    A warm, highly spirited and generous man indeed. My sincere condolences to Alan’s family and everyone in The Who family.

  45. Chris Redburn says:

    Pleasure to have known you Alan. One of rock n roll’s great characters. Will be sadly missed by all who know him RIP Mate.

  46. Brian Maloney says:

    Thanks to Pete’s never-ending quest for getting “the best guitar for the job” (paraphrasing) and Alan’s genius for regularly anticipating and exceeding Pete’s requests, I discovered the Fishman PowerBridge so that – like my idol, Pete Townshend – I can blend acoustic and electric tones with my beloved Fender Strats!

    I have pored over any of Alan’s videos and any interviews I could find to learn from his wisdom. Although I’m just a fumble-fingered Yank guitar wannabe and a decades-long Who fan, I feel like I lost a family member with Alan’s passing. I can only imagine the hole that it left in Pete’s heart, and in those of seemingly the entire rock guitar world!

    RIP, Alan and condolences to your friends and family, and especially my guitar inspiration – Pete – from a lifelong Who fan from Boston!

  47. Chris Chappel says:

    Such sad sad news , Alan was a special person always with a smile and a wonderful sense of humour . I have nothing but happy memories in his company a talented human being and I know he touched everyone he met .

  48. Very sad to hear about the passing of an old friend. Alan was a joy to work with and we would go for many a lunch time chat. I will miss him a lot.

  49. Roger Searle says:

    A sad loss…Alan and I have been good friends for over 40 years on and off tour. Always good for a laugh and a gossip… I will miss him… R.I.P “Eddy”

  50. Phil Rae says:

    Very sad to hear this. I never met Alan in person, but spent hours and hours with him on the phone over the years. He was never short of a good story. And he had thousands to choose from. A real gentleman.

  51. Sophie Lord says:

    Love and miss you always Al.
    You did so much for me, I could never begin to thank you enough. I will always be indebted to you and forever grateful. It was a true honour to be your friend and to spend the time I did with you. I will be playing bass for the both of us from now on. (Not up the dusty end though, don’t you worry!!!)
    Love always.
    Sophie xxx

  52. David Wilmot says:

    So long Alan
    I have always remembered working with Alan many years ago when i worked at ML Executives Shepperton a lovely man he started me off learning how to look after guitars amd amplifiers also after ML at his lockup in Kew where he would help me out if i need any advise
    Thankyou for being a wonderfull man
    David xxxx

  53. John Smith says:

    Thanks for your friendship over many and knowledge over many years. I took your advice “if they try it on “Talk Geordie”, it’ll frighten them. It worked!!!
    One of the good guys.

  54. Cris says:

    We met Alan backstage after the 2016 WHO show in Santa Barbara, CA. We were nobodies, but Alan came over and spoke with us and even took a selfie with us. His big smile and easy going personality left big impression. God speed Alan.

  55. Dennis O'Brien says:

    We current and former Gibson Acoustic employees send our condolences on Alan’s passing. A complete pro who never handed Pete a J-200 than wasn’t in perfect condition. He was one of our “guitar heros,”

  56. Christopher Mallon says:

    My Grandfather was the brother to Alan Rogan’s dad. He was my uncle. I am so sorry I never got to meet him. His passing is a shock for my mother as she was planning on catching up with him as she was going to tour this year in Atlanta. My mother is simply devastated but is attending the concert in his memory in on Sept 18th. Heaven has one talented man today!

  57. Ed Mc Donald says:

    Alan, There will only ever be one. We had many adventures I will never forget, some of them life changing. We shared many of the same friends and a Love of Vintage Guitars. We were always trying to find the right guitar for the gig.Met Alan in the 70’s and we kept in contact over the last 40 years.My condolences to his family and his musical family THE WHO.Sorry for your loss Pete its a big one.

  58. Umair says:

    I’m so sad to hear about this, and a year too late at that.

    I worked with Alan closely for about a year, back in 2009. I was an assistant to Yusuf Islam at the time. I traveled to the States, Germany and other places with Alan and his wonderful fellow crew members (Roger Searle among others).

    I’ll never forget how supportive Alan was to me – I was just a clueless kid from South London. In what could be a harsh environment at times he was a steady guiding hand. Always generous with his time and indeed his possessions; he gave me some of my most treasured music industry memorabilia including a guitar pick that belonged to George Harrison.

    Rest in peace big guy. Condolences to your loved ones.

  59. Michael Quinn says:

    Another late comment, Alan has been on my mind a lot recently. Didn’t spend much time with him in the grand scheme of things, but every moment was priceless.
    I was another gormless kid many years ago, Alan was one of the few who really taught me everything and took me under his wing, batting off the other rocks stars in the room with doubt of my ability.
    I still have that tuner.

    Thanks Alan. Much love. x

  60. Malcolm Wylie says:

    Knew Alan from the ’70s at the time he was playing bass for the north east band Prelude then he moved to London. Next time we met was when he was with AC/DC I was at Brixton academy it was great to see him again then I was at The Who’s gig in Newcastle I think. We kept catching up every 20 years. Alan was brilliant and a great person. I was honoured to know him. Deepest sympathy to his family. Plenty guitars to fix in the big gig in the sky. Rest in peace, Alan.

  61. Alan Darby says:

    Al was such a wonderful warm person.
    Apart from regularly meeting in Chiswick, in his favourite fish restaurant, Al helped me when I was buying ‘good’ guitars.
    His knowledge was second to none, but more importantly, Al was always fun to be around. He would always have a ‘great story’ to tell.
    He is sorely missed by me and many others.
    To my brother Al

  62. Kimberly says:

    Two Years Ago Today Al. Miss You My Friend.

  63. In the late 70s I bought a Mesa Boogie from ML Executives based at Shepperton Studios. It was Alan who handled the sale and I remember him as being very knowledgeable and polite. I also came across his name later as a collector of guitars. Sad loss.

  64. Seanny Walsh says:

    A little late to the farewell here but I met Alan a few times. I was a guitar tech for a touring act that had Johnny Marr as the guest guitarist and Alan popped in to see Johnny at the Shepards Bush Empire in London. I was introduced and he gave me a little Rickenbacker 325 Lennon pin & a George Harrison guitar pick. I still have both years later. He always popped into the shows whenever we were in London. On short notice he even helped me find a 1963 Gretsch Duo Jet as a birthday gift for the artist I was working for. A nice man and I’m very pleased to have met him.

  65. Mike Cabral says:

    I never met Alan but have a friend who knew him through guitar transactions. He once sold Pete a guitar and dealt with Alan in that process. He always talked about what a gentleman Alan was and how professional he was.
    My friend was given backstage passes to a Who show by Alan a few years ago and invited me along. Even though there were two passes he didn’t want me to go backstage with him. I guess he thought I would be all star-stuck and embarrass him, even though he never got to meet any of the Who, just Alan.
    Really wish he had introduced me to Alan but I feel as though I know him from my friends vivid recollections.
    R.I.P. Mr. Rogan. Perhaps we will meet someday.

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