Loren Gold, The Who Tour and that F Major Chord

If you happen to live in the Bay Area (that’s San Francisco and its environs, to the rest of us) get yourselves to the newsstand and grab a copy of this month’s edition of Punch monthly magazine – the Spirit of the Peninsula is how it bills itself.

Inside, you’ll see a really interesting interview by Silas Valentino with The Who’s very own keyboard supremo, Loren Gold. Loren has been playing keyboards and singing backing vocals with the band since 2012, and with Roger Daltrey since 2009.

On each night of the current Who tour you’ll hear Loren accompanying Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey on many of The Who’s greatest hit songs, plus you’ll get to hear Loren’s beautiful piano introduction to ‘Love Reign O’er Me’ – an introduction which he varies from show to show but which always circles back to that familiar three-note repeat pattern which signals the true beginning of the song. And if that doesn’t bring up the hairs on the back of your neck, listen out for Loren’s own favourite moment when the synthesizer ends its hypnotic intro to ‘Baba O’Riley’ and Loren’s hands hover over the keyboard ready for that famed F Major chord . . .

If you don’t manage to get a copy of the magazine here is a four-page PDF of the Punch feature on Loren.

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And while you’re here, Loren is our guest editor on our mid-summer Backstage Blog. You can find it here.


Photo: William Snyder

Photo: William Snyder



1 thought on “Loren Gold, The Who Tour and that F Major Chord”

  1. Cor Bulsing says:

    When will The Who come back to Europe (Amsterdam/Rotterdam???
    I’ve seen you guys 3 times but can’t get enough.
    So please:come back to Amsterdam next year

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