Win an original ‘WHO’ artwork by Ralph Steadman!

Helium London and Matches Fashion have collaborated on a project to raise money for Music Support. Pressing Matters brings together contemporary artists  to create unique pieces from rare test pressing vinyl records to raise money for this worthwhile cause. The auction is curated by Pavement Lickers.

Music Support is a registered charity founded in April 2016 by people from inside the UK music industry. They provide help and support for those in or employed by the UK music industry affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction.

They facilitate education and learning via workshops and training to individuals and organisations in the industry so they may be better equipped in the areas of awareness, early intervention and prevention. To find out more about Music Support follow this link but not before you read what follows! . . .


Hands up who knew Ralph Steadman did the artwork for The Who’s 1966 single, ‘Happy Jack’? The guys at Pavement Licker did. So they went and nervously asked if he’d be up for painting the test pressing of The Who’s 2019 studio album, WHO. And just look at what he came back with. Thank you Ralph!

This unique artwork was created by Ralph Steadman using acrylic, ink, cigarette paper packet and collage and is personally signed by him..

And it can be yours! There is only one of these in the whole world and that’s what we’re offering to you. The complete item consists of two vinyl test pressings and two card sleeves all decorated by Ralph Steadman in his inimitable style and signed by him. Follow this link to find out how you can win this fabulous artwork. But hurry – the auction ends on June 5th at 6.15pm BST.

Ralph Steadman X The from Craig Arbuckle on Vimeo.



By the music industry, for the music industry



9 thoughts on “Win an original ‘WHO’ artwork by Ralph Steadman!”

  1. George Paris says:

    I love the WHO since i first heard them in the 70s. We would play there music and play like Pete doing the windmill. Peace to my favorite band

  2. John Campbell says:

    i want it, i want it …..

  3. My main band, 1964 still today. Long live rock!

  4. Pete has been my idol for decades. I have met everyone around him but not him.. this would be a key piece in a Hard Rock themed appartment I have dedicated to him !!

  5. Alan thompson says:

    Would make an old man happy

  6. Geoffrey Ings says:

    Heard the song is over while driving over tower bridge in a 1963 mini with my girlfriend listening to a cassette tape of jonnie Walker show in November 1971

    His comment what on earth can you say about a song like that, we agreed and bought the album the next day
    Fans ever since

  7. Alan Cone says:

    I have followed the Who all through the early years seen them 20 plus time’s the art work will fit in my collection just fine

  8. David Hague says:

    I would be a Happy Jack if I won this and would pass it down to my kids who are both who fan’s from babies……now 18 and 26 long live rock David

  9. Marty silvanic says:

    My band since 1980. My first hearing of the who!!!! My mom dad went to Rochester N.Y. for Vaca summer of 1980. To visit my cousins. This girl at the time loved Roger and she heard my cassette tape on my boom box blaring WGFA!!! From that day I was a instant WHO FAN!!! Never got the girl though lol. Yes all 4 members are each my idols. Like quadrophenia 4 faces of my personality. Thanks so much over the decades!!! I’ve got so much out of WHO philosophy!!!!

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