‘WHO’ IS Number 1 in ROLLING STONE TOP 200 Albums

Many thanks to the countless Who fans who helped put WHO at Number 1 in Rolling Stone Top 200 Albums this weekend. And thanks to Rolling Stone too for putting us up there in their chart.

Back home in the UK we sadly didn’t maintain our mid-week position of Number 1 on the Official Album Chart Top 100 but we are at Number 3 which is not at all bad. At Number 1 is Rod Stewart with You’re In My Heart and at Number 2 is Robbie Williams with The Christmas Present. We hear that Rod only sold 750 more copies than us so we’re not too miffed about it, are we, Rod?

Image courtesy of Rolling Stone.

12 thoughts on “‘WHO’ IS Number 1 in ROLLING STONE TOP 200 Albums”

  1. Marty silvanic the WHO guy says:

    Awesome !!!! My fave band hit # 1!!!! This is an incredible month!!!! Thanks so much for making my life more positive!!!! BE lucky!!!!

  2. Mike Candz says:

    As a life long Who fan (age 13, 1978),every release since Who Are You (including solo albums by Townshend and Daltrey) were always a Big Deal! Although I was never disappointed (these albums were great in their own right), I was always waiting and expecting to hear that classic “WHO” sound of the glory days.I have been anticipating this new Who album for months. I had heard a couple of the new tracks live in Toronto on their latest moving on tour, and again on YouTube. To be honest, at first listening I wasn’t that impressed, just thought they were “o.k.”, so on their forth coming album release, I wasn’t expecting much better. Man was I wrong! This album has “great energy”, classic “hooks” and “modern sounds”! This album sounds better each time you listen to it. Once your ears settle down and peel through some onion layers, you’ll hear that “glory” we have been waiting decades for. In my opinion, It’s already become a classic and favorite must-have Who album. Seriously, Grammy Worthy! Well done, lads!

    Mike Candz
    Toronto, ON, Canada

  3. Bucks Burnett says:

    It’s so WRONG about UK! But we are popping open the bubbly for you in Texas!!

  4. William McManus says:

    Great on The Who! Hell of an accomplishment! Congrats and keep on keeping on. You still got IT

  5. Luis says:

    Glad to see my all time favorite band at number one and 3 in the charts. Not many bands or artists (singers, etc,), are able to maintain their fan base so loyal. We are still there for our band !


    ‘WHO’ has impressed me at first listening, and I keep on listening to it!

  7. Josh_Grabar says:

    Well deserved. The album just gets better and better with every listen. As soon as i have lined up my favorites… another listen and they are reordered. Masterful from the best.

  8. Paul Strahlendorf says:

    I am not surprised because WHO is fantastic! Well done, boys!

  9. Robert Benner says:

    Way to go you old bastards!

  10. Gary Tallman says:

    I keep listening and unpacking this … best since Who Are You in some ways, and The Who By Numbers in others. Regardless, love it!!!

  11. Eric says:

    Thank God that this unlikely pairing are able to continue to produce such powerful and authentically Who music.

    Somehow they managed to capture the classic Who sound – Pete’s songwriting, drawing from iconic as well as contemporary and at times unexpected genres – and Roger’s total conviction always present in the delivery.

    The album also flows beautifully – rocking, searing, simmering and rocking again – worthy of Pete, which is of course saying a lot, and Zak’s playing is also fully deserving of mention. He fully gets and is able to channel The Who’s sound – with the energy spirit and imagination required of the music.

    Have been a huge fan for 45 years – and this amazing gift just keeps on giving…Thank goodness 🎸.

  12. Dale M. Haskell says:

    Pete,Roger and the band-thank you for WHO! I needed this album. It dropped as my mother was passing and gave me strength. But The Who have saved me more times than I count. Gratitude from a lifelong fan.

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