More Shows Announced For Kingston

Tickets for next year’s Banquet Records UK shows have been flying out, and to give as many fans as possible a chance to get down to such a monumental set of shows, we’ve added two more gigs on Wednesday 12th February! Tickets for the extra shows go on sale today, Thursday 12th December at 11am sharp, so set your alarms and don’t miss out!

3 thoughts on “More Shows Announced For Kingston”

  1. Simon Matthews says:

    I never knew about the added show. Gutted.

  2. Peter Bauer says:

    I would love to see The Who in Houston,TX on 04/30/2020 but you can’t buy paper tickets. I was going to buy a ticket for $49.50 but the Toyota Center was going to add another $ 20. processing fee. Also, I would have to pick up the ticket at will call for another $ 30. making it a total of $ 99.00 . This is just greed and not in the spirit of The Who.
    Happy Christmas everyone !
    Can anyone help me ? :

    Rev. Peter E. Bauer
    6262 Circle Oak Drive
    Bulverde,TX 78163-2328
    Phone: 830.456.1283
    E-Mail: Peter.Bauer@VA.GOV or

  3. Catherine Macaluso says:

    Hello, Pete,

    Interesting handkerchief in your pocket. The evolution on the handkerchief: It was meant to be kept by a well-dressed man in case a lady was in need of it for her emotional distress…to offer it out to her. Apparently, it is now a male fashion statement. Interesting! What became of the red pocket square?

    Happy New Year to you both…health and wellness to you and Rog. I adore you both! Don’t disappear on me. Not yet. You both look great!

    Best, Catherine

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