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Roger Daltrey very kindly took some time off from mending a bulldozer on his farm in Sussex to spend an hour in conversation with’s Richard Evans. He talks about his involvement with Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America and answers a slew of questions put to him from Who fans on the website forum.

DONATE to Teenage Cancer Trust here.

DONATE to Teen Cancer America here.


8 thoughts on “Watch Roger in conversation with”

  1. Sara says:

    Hi Boo!

  2. Debbie Bruns says:

    Thanks Richard and Roger, thanks so much for answering my question about “Be lucky”. Been a fan forever, more with each passing day.

  3. Nancy Maslanik says:

    Hi Sara 👍

  4. dave mckenzie says:

    Excellent light hearted conversation , a joy to watch , thank you Roger and Richard , Hopefully you,ll do a second instalment !

  5. Phil Friend says:

    Thanks Roger and Richard,
    Great interview, I’m gonna watch McVicar!!

  6. Carole says:

    Thank you Roger for taking the time to do this interview. Really great. See you at Wembley in 2021. Be lucky.

  7. Helen Bryant says:

    Thanks so much for agreeing to do this. It was very entertaining – not that I’d expect anything less…

  8. Luis says:

    This interview is an excellent way to generate fans to visit the website. The Rolling Stones and many bands that rarely used the internet to promote their activities, are now really busy and I am glad The Who are too. Hope The Who do an acoustic living room concert! So many acoustic songs like ‘Tattoo’, ‘Sensation’, “Love Ain’t For Keeping”, ‘In the Ether’….

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