The Who announce their release for Record Store Day 2020



• One of the very first ‘rarities’ collections, released to try and defeat the bootleggers, the original 11-track album was released on the Track Records label ‎in September 1974.

• Compiled in band down-time by bass guitarist John Entwistle, it includes the 1972 recording of ‘Long Live Rock’, later released as a single in 1979, the unedited unreleased version of ‘The Seeker’, the studio version of ‘Young Man Blues’, alternative versions of ‘Dogs Part Two’ and ‘Water’, amongst many other gems.

Graham Hughes photographed the cover for Odds and Sods . . .

“I’d stayed up the night before with Letraset, designing the letters on the American football helmets with each of the band’s names printed on. When I finally managed to get them together in one place, which happened to be the bathroom, Pete and Roger’s helmets didn’t quite fit so that’s why they’re wearing each other’s. That Quadrophenia tour wasn’t very pleasant and the band were arguing a lot. When I showed Pete the blow-up of the cover, he didn’t like it and told me so. I was so frustrated by this time, I started ripping it up . . . That’s when he decided he liked it! I stuck it back together with adhesive tape and Roger said, ‘call it a bunch of odds and sods’.”

• This reissue includes the original LP sequence on Disc One and adds 14 bonus tracks – B-sides, rarities and extras on Disc Two, Odds & Sods Too – to create a definitive, 25-track double LP.

• The stunning artwork and design restore the original ‘die-cut’ front sleeve and includes all Pete Townshend’s original track annotation.

• Pressed on heavyweight coloured vinyl:
• Disc One – RED
• Disc Two – YELLOW

• Also features replica 1973 North American tour poster image (as part of the gatefold) and lyric insert, with two picture inner bags

• Remastered and cut using half-speed mastering process at Abbey Road studios.

“I tried to arrange it like a parallel sort of Who career – what singles we might have released and what album tracks we might have released. It could have been a double album, there was that much material.”  ~ John Entwistle, 1974


LP ONE: The Original LP
Side One
1. Postcard
2. Now I’m A Farmer
3. Put The Money Down
4. Little Billy
5. Too Much Of Anything
6. Glow Girl
Side Two
1. Pure And Easy
2. Faith In Something Bigger
3. I’m The Face
4. Naked Eye
5. Long Live Rock

LP TWO: Odds & Sods Too
Side One
1. Zoot Suit (Remix with fade)
2. Here ‘Tis (Previously released on the 30 Years Of Maximum R&B box set)
3. Leaving Here (From the Pye acetate)
4. Baby Don’t You Do It (From the Pye acetate)
5. Young Man Blues (Alternate studio version, included on 1998 CD)
6. Dogs Part Two (B-side, the single mix; included on Tommy SDE)
7. Here For More (B-side single mix)
8. The Seeker (Long unedited version; previously unreleased)

Side Two
1. Heaven And Hell (B-side single mix)
2. Don’t Know Myself (B-side single mix)
3. When I Was A Boy (B-side single mix)
4. Waspman (B-side single mix)
5. We Close Tonight (Included on 1998 CD)
6. Water (B-side single mix)

Only available from independent record stores on RECORD STORE DAY 2020, 18 April 2020

* Release Update: Due to the Coronavirus crisis, RECORD STORE DAY 2020 has now been postponed until 20 June 2020.

15 thoughts on “The Who announce their release for Record Store Day 2020”

  1. Matt Williams says:

    No “Mary Anne with The Shaky Hand”. Why? Organ solo outrageous!

  2. Sam Kongslie says:

    Does Eminence Front exist in alternate version with Daltrey on vocal?

    1. The Who says:

      ‘Eminence Front’ does exist with Roger singing it but has never been released.

  3. David Thomas says:

    Got it in 1974 when it came out. Also got CD with bonus tracks. Some interesting tracks on the first release – ‘Put The Money Down’ and ‘Naked Eye’ are brilliant.

  4. Noah says:

    Will this be released on Spotify and iTunes and platforms like that, or only as a record?

    1. The Who says:

      It will just be released on coloured vinyl, Noah.

  5. Sascha Hain says:

    Fantastic. This set of songs is why I love The Who. Rock on, Roger and Pete. For Keith and John. Long live rock !

  6. Tim Spicer says:

    Can someone please tell me if copies of this release will make it to Melbourne, Australia?

    If yes, please tell me which store(s) will stock it.

    Many thanks


    1. The Who says:

      Tim, go check at Record Store Day Australia . They will have a list of all available albums plus indy record stores.

  7. Tim Spicer says:

    Thanks mate much obliged

  8. Sam Kongslie says:

    Can I order this LP from The Who’s official website?

    1. The Who says:

      Sam, it’s a Record Store Day release which means you need to go to an independent record store to purchase a copy.

  9. Mark Gooch says:

    Waited a long time for any new vinyl release of this LP .. any possibility of an expanded reissue of Sell out on vinyl?

  10. Greg says:

    Are these records cut from the analog tapes or digital files? Just thought I’d ask….

  11. Jason Paris says:

    Wasn’t the unedited version of ‘The Seeker’ on ‘30 Years Of Maximum R&B’? The duration of the original 7” version is 3:11 and the ‘30 Years’ version is 3:22.

    Also, does this copy of ‘Don’t Know Myself’ include the count-in from the original 7”?

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