Happy birthday, Roger!


41 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Roger!”

  1. Aska says:

    Happy Birth Day Roger!!!
    I love you and your music.

    From Japan!

  2. Rui says:

    Happy Birthday!
    If you like Japan please come here again…

  3. Kaztack says:

    Happy Birthday, Roger! with love from Japan🖤

  4. Keisuke Kowa says:

    Happy Birthday ROGER!
    from Japan!

  5. AKIKO BESSHO says:

    Happy Birthday Roger !!
    I’m happy thanks to you.
    Wishing you good health.

  6. John Grogan says:

    Many happy returns Roger!You make me very proud to be a fan of yourself and the brilliant work you’ve done, especially for teen cancer and of course with the ‘Orrible ‘Oo!X

  7. Toku says:

    Happy birthday,Roger Daltrey!
    I always enjoy your amazing voice and shining smile.Wish you all the best.

  8. JMR says:

    Happy Birthday Roger!
    You are the real rock singer for me.
    I always wish you happiness and health.
    With love from Japan.

  9. Thomas Lark says:

    Happy birthday, Roger!
    You are the greatest singer in the world. Your leonine vocals have moved me for decades. And God bless you for your altruistic endeavours on behalf of so many kids. I wish you nothing but the very best.
    Long may you reign!

  10. Rene Vasquez says:

    Be happy, be healthy, but most of all…be lucky, dear boy.


  11. AYA says:

    I Love you! Roger♡ Please live a long and healthy life. Please come to Japan again.;)

  12. Tomo Wada says:

    Happy Birthday, Roger!!
    Be Lucky, Be Happy!!

  13. MARCELO says:

    Tks for every note, Roger

  14. David Swift says:

    Happy Birthday Rog

  15. Happy Birthday Roger see you soon in Dublin hitting all the write notes to all them great songs

  16. Charlie Mealor says:

    I’d like to wish Roger a happy birthday & thank him for blessing me with his singing in the greatest band ever walked this earth! Love you all

  17. Leslie Berghash says:

    Have a great day Rog!

  18. Philip H Lucht says:

    Happy Birthday Roger! Much health and success in the new year. The new album WHO and your work on it is simply outstanding. Bravo!

  19. Jack Alan says:

    Roger, I hope you have had a wonderful time on your cruise. It was so great to finally see you last fall. Keep the spirits high and don’t forget how lucky you are!

  20. Marco says:

    Auguri Roger…Buon compleanno..oggi è anche il mio!
    Un abbraccio. Dall Italia. Marco

  21. Drek Alan Horn says:

    Happy birthday Roger – best vocalist for the best rock band in the world happy birthday !!!

  22. Heather Horn says:

    My husband and I have amazing memories in our hearts because of your music. You’re the best sexiest front man!! Happy birthday and much health!

  23. Peter hirthe says:


    Happy birthday from Milwaukee! Love the new record-sounding better than ever.

    See you later this year somewhere.

  24. Robert Benner says:

    Happy Birthday you Old Bastard ! Thanks for all the years of fun and great times.

  25. marty silvanic says:

    happy birfday to you ROGER DALTREY!!!! a huge fan since i was 13 yo!!!! now im 53!!!! long time fan!!!! have a great year ahead!!!! hope to see you and THE WHO again!!!! as u always say!!!! BE LUCKY!!!!

  26. Thomas Otto says:

    Happy Birthday roger,

    The Who and the Rolling Stones were always a big light in my life!

    By the way, your website works much better than theirs, was just checking the tour dates!!!

    Love from Tomas- Berlin,Germany

  27. Wendy Davis says:

    Wishing Roger a very happy birthday while sailing the high seas! You make 76 look incredibly good! All the best for the year to come!

  28. Catherine Ross says:

    Happy 18th Birthday, Rog, and many more.

    Dont come to the Northeast without checking the LIVE HEAT MAP. Wishing you GREAT wellness!

    Catherine, Ex-Brooklyn, NY

  29. Rika says:

    Happy Birthday!! Roger❤️
    I’m new Wholigan that I’m recommended your movie “the kids are alright” by my friend last year.
    After became your fan,My life is completely change!!
    Your my sunshine☀️ I love you!!
    Sending a lot of love from Japan🇯🇵👘🍣

  30. Eric says:

    Happy Birthday Roger!

  31. Jake Thomas says:

    Happy Birthday, Roger. Keep on rockin’! Great singer and ambassador and for being a true gentleman. Met you once when I was on patrol in London and never forget how you were so polite and friendly.

  32. david thomas says:

    Thanks for all the good music and for being such an honest guy.

  33. Dan Stenger says:

    God bless you, Roger. The new album is a classic. Thank you for such a great gift.

  34. Eugenia says:

    Many more so maybe I could hug you!

  35. Joe H says:

    Plllleeeeaase don’t cancel the Dallas show again! 🙏

  36. Sara says:

    Love and miss you, my sweet babboo *nose kiss*

  37. John Morales says:

    Happy b day Roger, March 1st The Who is my idol the greatest band in the world. Long live Keith Moon and John Entwistle.

    1. The Who says:

      Well John and Keith are no longer with us, John but we know what you’re saying.

  38. liu guoyan says:

    Happy Birthday Roger!—From China

  39. dave says:

    Iremember when you signed my Who vinyl albums in 1988 happy birthday great guy great front man and bloody good actor

  40. bill says:


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