The Who UK and Ireland Tour 2021

Unfortunately, The Who’s forthcoming UK and Ireland tour due March 2021 has now been cancelled. Customers can contact their point of purchase regarding refunds. *

“We are very sorry that we have to cancel our planned March 2021 UK and Ireland shows. Please excuse the delay but we wanted to wait as long as possible to see if we could indeed play them. However, as you can see the current situation makes this impossible. Thanks for all your wonderful support and we hope to see you in the future when conditions allow.”
~ Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, 15 February 2021

*Please also note, the Teenage Cancer Trust have today cancelled all their concerts at the Royal Albert Hall for this year, including The Who’s show on 20 March. If you have tickets for any TCT shows, your ticket provider will be in touch with refund information soon.

77 thoughts on “The Who UK and Ireland Tour 2021”

  1. Alexander Downey says:

    what else can you’s do. it is beyond your control. hopefully we can see you’s again in the not too distant future. till then i hope everyone who goes towards making a who tour such an amazing event stays safe and well.

  2. Don Robinson says:

    Gutted but lets hope there’s another on as soon as. Was really looking forward to it! Lets hope the conditions improve PDQ. Will our fan club memberships be extended?

  3. Meagan Paese says:

    I’m sorry that you guys have to postpone your live performances.

    I hope that you guys will reschedule your live concerts for 2022 in the UK and the US. Please return to the US again.

    1. The Who says:

      Meagan, the shows are not postponed. They are cancelled.

  4. Scott f. Feighner says:

    What a pity.
    But, better to dude with caution.

  5. Does this mean I’ll have ask for refunds on the two tickets I bought from the ticket master site or can they be held for future show?

    1. The Who says:

      James, you will have to get a refund. There are no shows rescheduled.

  6. Paul Thomas says:

    I see that the Teenage Cancer Trust concert is not listed. Will that be at a later date ?

  7. Nutty says:

    I have seen you a few times now and I think you have forgotten about us who followed you and helped get you up there
    Fans like me just have not got that kind of money anymore the rish get all the front seats probably don’t even know your songs lol I had to fight my way to the front haha
    Anyway after all that I love you
    It’s only Rock&Roll xx

  8. Sara says:

    No worries, gentlemen.

  9. Adrian Merrett says:

    Still have my tickets for Teenage cancer trust gig at RAH on 20th March is this cancelled as well (please say no)

    1. The Who says:

      All Teenage Cancer Trust shows at the Royal Albert Hall are cancelled.

  10. John Thornhill says:

    How Sad 😥

  11. Derek Malone says:

    Would you please make these venues top priority for the next tour.

  12. Ron says:

    Was expected and really, really hope a future date can be found.

  13. Louise Curtis says:

    hopefully, see you on the other side. Stay safe guys.

  14. billy hick says:

    That is a shame however due to things as they are we have stay safe and stay lucky !
    Till we can all dance again and the Wholigans can travel again.

  15. Keith Tollervey says:

    Cancelled or to be rescheduled using already purchased tickets?

  16. Graham Creasy says:

    Absolutely gutted guys. Let’s hope I can happen in the future.

  17. Dean Phillips says:

    Gutted, my car broke down on the way to Kingston, then April gig at Birmingham postponed, and now new date cancelled. Long live rock 😀 hopefully one more gig when it’s allowed 😀

  18. Dave G. says:

    Disappointing but expected. Perhaps all this lockdown & off the road time can be taken advantage of by coming up with new songs for a new album – WHOTWO maybe. Or – wishful thinking – how about a Who’s Next Super Deluxe Box Set?
    Say safe & well Roger & Pete.

  19. Joseph Mclaren says:

    Please make sure that you tour again, I’m not getting any younger….take care and stay safe guys.

  20. TallyB says:

    Gutted guys but understandable. Maybe next yeat

  21. John says:

    Really disappointed with the news re cancellation of the shows. Will there be a tour when this shitshow is over?

  22. Laura Gibson says:

    It’s gutting that you’ve had to cancel but everyone understands the situation we’re all in. Fingers crossed for 2022 Scotland gig. Take care xx

  23. Dear Architecht and Maestro,
    NY is waiting for your return! Round up the minstrels and get the Animal sone new pajamas!
    We’d love to hear a bunch of different stuff that maybe hasn’t been played in a while; Baby Don’t You Do It fits the Architects voice so well. Stay safe and be well. Thanks for all the music but especially the live shows! Still the Champions of the World!

  24. Ron Slangen says:

    Very sad news but unavoidable 😔
    We would have liked it very much to visit Newcastle and The Who concert
    Stay strong, stay healthy and stay Who addict!
    Ron (The Netherlands)

  25. Richard says:

    So sorry to hear this as I was really looking forward to it. Never mind…. Hope you are both keeping safe and see you at some point. X

  26. Tana Lucido says:

    Looking forward to your return. Welcome whenever it comes. February 15th: Happy 70th Birthday to Alan Rogan. You may be gone but you still shine bright.

  27. So sorry for you and your entire crew on and behind the scene.
    Stay safe!

  28. Gavin says:

    Guess that’s the last chance of see The Who tour again

  29. Paul hickey says:

    So disappointed, 😔hopefully ye might do another tour when things get better 🙏 ☘️🇮🇪

  30. Padre Stewart Shaw says:

    I totally understand. I was so looking forwards to see you guys in Newcastle with my wife. We will get to stand in the stands and hopefully sing ‘Long live rock’

  31. Peter Bayley says:

    Was looking inevitable, but that doesn’t lessen the disappointment.
    Please, please, guys. Do come back ASAP.
    I can’t think of any better way to celebrate a return to real life than an evening with world’s greatest rock band.

  32. Stuart Bramwell says:

    Is there any possibility of The Who releasing archive concerts like the Stones are doing? Is it something to consider?

  33. phil bale says:

    Gutted but understand. Maybe The Who could send out a free tour t-shirt due to the interest they’ve made over the last 18 months on my monEy invested in my ticket

  34. Gavin says:

    Surely there’s got to be some venues with free dates later in the year

  35. Scott Harrington says:

    You’re likely as bummed as us. Stay safe and healthy. How about making us a video to hold us over? I’ve watched them all several times over.

  36. Terry Heard says:

    Gutted, was particularly looking forward to hearing some of the new stuff live; then again totally understandable in the circumstances. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn out to be the last chance saloon to see you guys again
    Be lucky and stay safe

  37. Stephen Bell says:

    I’m now 65 and first saw The Who at Liverpool University when I was 15 – have seen the band several times and I jumped at the chance to see them – maybe for the last time? I always fancied seeing them at RAH. *sigh* But there is no way the gigs could happen now. Sad. I treasure the hope that some gigs do happen in 2022.

  38. Richard says:

    Alot of bands have rescheduled for Autumn this year or spring next year. Was that not an option. Stay Safe.

  39. Tony Durkin says:

    Inevitable in the circumstances but still deeply regrettable. All the best and thanks for the memories over 44 years of watching the greatest band live.

  40. Marty silvanic the who guy says:

    I’m so sad this year wont go on. Stay safe Roger and Pete. I will always be a WHO FAN. Hope to see u in the near near future!!!! Be lucky!!!!

  41. ChrisMc says:

    Immensely disappointed, of course, though entirely understandable. But feel particularly sorry for you guys and all the crew too who clearly would have moved heaven and earth to put on these shows, had you been able to; but sadly it wasn’t to be. Really hoping a substitute tour can get back on the road once all this shit-shower is behind us and can’t wait to be amongst the thousands to welcome you back on stage.

  42. Derek Malaney says:

    The Who plays Glasgow. I look forward to that day for it will mean we are all safe and have come through this bloody pandemic. Need to put my Zoot suit back in the wardrobe for another wee while.

  43. Steve says:

    First saw The mighty Who at the rock proms in ’69. Followed them ever since all the way from Barnstable Civic Hall to Wembley stadium. Great shows every time. High energy, thunderous noise. Mikes twirling, arms windmilling. The OX static, Moonie frantic and mesmerising. Kenny and Pino solid and supportive. Zak a revelation. And now ? Well just maybe it is finally time to stop before they get old. I personally intend to leave it where it has always been…..magical and unforgettable. Thanks for all the millions of good times. I wouldn’t have missed any of it.

  44. Lawrence Douglas says:

    Sad news. Please Pete and Roger when the situation will improve give priority to the UK and Ireland rather than America. No racism in my post. The Who is definitely the greatest rock’n roll band of all time and the whole world loves them. But just to say that our loving band is British from Shepherds Bush, London then started in UK and we would so much like The Who to say to us goodbye first and the rest of the world later.

  45. Martyn Truss says:

    i Know it , was going to happen Still very disappointed.i had a great seat about 4 rows from the front. Would have been my 22nd Who gig and 60th birthday treat. Never went to Wembley stadium gig except the one back in ’79.It’s got to happen.

  46. David Hague says:

    When I first heard the news I was distressed and gutted…front row seats for Liverpool and Manchester what a blow and cancelled as well. I knew they would not go ahead and perhaps it was best to cancel I can’t see any gig’s going ahead this year. It’s ironic I wrote to Pete 30 years and quote he wrote no more who concerts!! Let’s all be safe in these horrendous times and look to rock again soon. Pete, Roger et al be safe….oh you got any more strats to auction for the road crew David

  47. Gordon says:

    So disappointed that the tour has been cancelled but understand the reasons.Having got front row seats I was hoping the tour would be re-scheduled again.

    Hope everyone keeps safe and hopefully another tour will be organised.

  48. Steve D says:

    Gutted had tickets for the Liverpool show, it would have been my 10th Who gig since I first saw them in 1974

  49. Don Riches says:

    Very disappointing, but not unexpected. Please confirm that pre-sale tickets will be refunded. Previous attempt (in December) for refund via Ticketmaster not successful. Sorry that there’s no further re-schedule.

  50. Gavin says:

    Could the guys not just have postponed instead of cancelling the gigs giving us a glimmer of hope after this awful virus

  51. It is such a massive logistical thing to put on a tour like The Who, as it is with other bands,engineers, lighting, rigging, catering, etc etc, and a lot of people involved are finding it hard at present with the world wide pandemic,and their families are also suffering,we can all only hope and pray,that in the future,things improve for everyone 🙏

  52. Peter Swift says:

    Gents – understandable and not unexpected to have to reschedule and presumably the decision to cancel means that ticket money will be refunded to people, some of whom might be desperately in need of it.

    When you do eventually list more dates, what will be the position for those that bought albums, etc to get priority access to book tickets last time?

    Thanks and take care/keep well!

  53. Richard says:

    Ok here is my theory…. Pete has been busy writing songs for a new Who album during lockdown that will be released later this year or early next. That will lead to a 2022 tour promoting the new album. Hence best all round to cancel the upcoming Moving On Tour which will give way to a new one in 2022. Am I right?

  54. Juli VanDelinder says:

    Still waiting for the make-up concert in Denver from when Roger got sick in Aug. 2019. Postponed till May 2020. Never heard anything since. Am I just out the money or are you guys still doing a make-up someday?

  55. Blink says:

    Sad I had really good tickets for Liverpool and got them as a birthday present for my father.
    I would much sooner they had postponed again tbh

  56. Barry says:

    I’ve got a field and a barn maybe you could come and do an acoustic set for me and my family, all socially distanced of course, you probably need the practice cos you aint played for a while, by the way I won’t charge you for the use of the barn. You lot buggered my hearing up in the 70’s at ‘ammersmiff Odeon and other places, love you all keep safe.

  57. Manfred W. says:

    For 55 years I am a German WHO fan. I‘ve got 4 tickets, booked the flights from Germany to Manchester. …..and now? …. disappointment!!
    Our hope is, they are going to perform in 2022 in England or Ireland or maybe in Germany.
    No doubt, we will be there.

  58. Chris Storer says:

    Viagogo are not refunding tickets because they are saying it has been postponed not cancelled. Disgusting and a con. I will never use them again to purchase any tickets.

    1. The Who says:

      Chris, the shows are most definitely cancelled.

  59. Colin Alfie Austin says:

    Extremely sad but fully understandable. Keep safe. Alfie Austin Channel Islands.

  60. Colin Alfie Austin says:

    Extremely sad but fully understandable. I had Wembley Arena tickets. Keep safe. Alfie Austin, Channel Islands.

  61. Shaun Spavin says:

    Having been a life long fan, was at the last UK show in Wembley, ‘Love Reign O’er Me’ in the rain is the lasting memory. If that is to be the end I am happy with that. Thank you for a life of powerful inspiring music spanning 50 plus years.
    All the best to all involved with The Who and stay safe

  62. Warren Bell says:

    I would have preferred postpone v cancel – as I had 3rd row centers. Stay healthy Wholigans – see you hopefully late this year.

    I’m a superfan from Canada. Saw Keith’s last concert in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens in October 1976. Pete, you threw me your tambourine during the first of 2 December 1982 shows in Toronto. Still have it – and still travel the world to enjoy The Who!!

    The shows in England are the best – so I will be returning for several performances when you guys set new dates.

  63. Luis Corró says:

    We all understand and endorse this. Hope you do go on with the recording of a new album (as Pete recently said in a interview). Also, many bands are doing shows using the net. Since Pete Townshend is a pioneer of this (with his wife Rachel Fuller), why not do some shows using the net ?

  64. Dave Hargreaves says:

    First saw the who at Southport back in 1968 and Keith Moon was out of action and many times since although Keith did appear now and again.John Entwistle was unique. How often do you see a bass guitar playing lead. Rogers voice was perfection and obviously Pete was a genius. Maybe you think you’re past it but I think a lot of us would like one last go. Get a few singers in to help with the singing etc.

  65. Michaela says:

    In November 2019 i bought 2 Tickets for the Who in Wembley as a gift for my boyfriend who adores tghe Who.
    Unfortunatly in the moment it looks like i will lose the almost 400 pounds.
    You think it is possible to buy a signed vinyl LP for my boyfriend eric as a compensation for his lost birthday gift?
    I really dont want to continue to run after my money with viagogo and if i could get the signed vinyl i wouls loose the sour feeling and my boyfriend would be overjoyed.

  66. Clive Simmonds says:

    Thank you for all the great songs and great gigs and let’s hope we get to hear them again soon. Keep well everyone.

  67. Nick says:

    Really sorry but understandable and inevitable…all the others eg Yes, Elton, Genesis are doing likewise.

    Really hope you get back to action in the autumn or next year….UK Football stadiums hopefully! Everyone deserves one last sighting of this greatest of bands. And with that superb new(ish) album to show off too!

    Keep well, fellas!

  68. Mikhail Aleksaniants says:

    I very much hope to see you live before we all get really old. I will be repared to go through the hassle of getting the UK visa. I cannot possibly miss this chance. Probably last chance. The last album is superb. I gave it to a buddy on his birthday a year ago and he tells me it has never left his CD player since! A fan from Moscow.

  69. Svetlana says:

    Could they not be rescheduled again rather than cancelled? I’m disabled and it was so hard to get tickets. Just can’t bear the thought of going through that again and maybe missing out as usual.

  70. Johnny says:

    Still have tickets for show in Denver Colorado shop will it be rescheduling it?b

  71. Tom Cullen says:

    I have a ticket for the 3Arena Ireland for the 18th March 2020. Is this ticket still valid for any future dates.

    1. The Who says:

      Hi Tom, no it isn’t. All cancelled shows were refunded.

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