The Who psych out! New UNCUT out February 18


The new April issue of UNCUT includes a candid new interview with Pete Townshend as he ruminates on old friends, ageing, the spiritual power of rock’n’roll . . . and a major reissue of his band’s psychedelic masterpiece!

In the shops this Thursday, 18 February.

Pre-order your copy for home delivery by clicking here!

2 thoughts on “The Who psych out! New UNCUT out February 18”

  1. Lance Burns says:

    Hi Roger

    Your input for a new Who album is crucial. There must be a way of showing your incredible voice cost effectively.

    The last album moved us. Pete is up for it, Roger, please try and consider uplifting us all again!


  2. Joseph Manzi says:

    Pete and Roger you both are amazing. John and Keith are smiling down on you both. God Bless and keep on Rocking. The Who forever

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