Onwards – To Ottawa


The Who

Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, Ontario

November 21st, 2012



Photos by Sandy Sharkey












16 thoughts on “Onwards – To Ottawa”

  1. Reading great reports about the tour,cant wait to see yous in Dublin,Ireland.If not I wll have to fly to England to see yous!
    Thanks Pete all the best Bren

    1. Simon Mercier says:

      One of the greatest show of my life!!!
      All the good vibrations from Ottawa!!!
      Thanks to Roger and Pete and friends!!!

  2. peter waiser says:

    Rocking, simply rocking

  3. Peter says:

    Thank you for coming to Ottawa! When I was 15 I bought Quadrophenia when it was released, I still have it. I brought my son to the show last night, and he just turned 15! Coincidence? I think not! Great show too! You all looked like you had too!

  4. Jamie Landriault says:

    AWESOME SHOW guys!! Thanks for coming back!!

  5. Tom Freeman says:

    That was an incredible show! Pete was playing lead guitar like I’d never heard before, Roger’s singing was strong and forceful, and the rest of the band did a great job supporting, especially when something went wrong during “Drowned” and Pete had to switch guitars. Nothing can keep the Who from putting on a great show; even death couldn’t keep Keith and John from entertaining the crowd last night!
    Thanks for bringing Quadrophenia to Ottawa. I like “Tommy”, but Quadrophenia really deserves to be showcased. You guys did a great job putting everything together!

  6. LyndaGrace says:

    Splendid. thank you.

  7. Dale Rines says:

    Greatest show I’ve seen since Who 2006!!! Thanks folks.

  8. Mike says:

    some of the best tour pics I’ve seen so far thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Steve G. says:

    Sandy, WOW, amazing pics. You really captured the moment. Was at the Ottawa performance, and Montreal the night before, the boys did good.

  10. Mark & Morgan says:

    A fantastic show. We had such a good time and it looked like the “boys in the band” were enjoying it too.

    Thanks for coming to Ottawa!


    As always-they put out an energy level that would leave bands half their age in awe.Quite simply the greatest rock and roll act the world has ever seen.Bar none.

    1. Allan says:

      How the show doesnt sell out is beyond me. THe greatest anthems ever written by the greatest rock performers ever!

  12. Eric says:

    Great Show!.Excellent Presentation. Loved the tribute to Keith and the Ox!!

  13. Rick.Leach says:

    Fantastic! I have waited many years to see Quadrophienia,my expectations were high,and they were certainly met.Pete and Roger are true rock royalty,and it was an honor to share an evening with them.If you consider yourself a fan of rock music,this show is a must.

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