The Who Rock Atlantic City

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30 thoughts on “The Who Rock Atlantic City”

  1. Dan says:

    Great show in Hamilton!!

  2. R says:

    Great show, Pete was brilliant. Roger still has it! Best Who show that I’ve seen!

  3. Nick Paladino says:

    Great show!!! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful experience to Atlantic City. Thank you for the passion. May you have many years of doing what you obviously love.

  4. trebor252 says:

    ok…this is the second time we seen the woo(as she calls them…all the best girls have chinese eyes)the 1st was in philly 12/8/13..that was a great concert..this show was LOUDER than that one..lets face it these guys are gettin older but they still can put on a great show they feed off the energy of the audiance….even tho we were in the nosebleed seats(we were 16th row in philly) we could still feel the energy…it seemed like except for the 1st coupla rows.every1 was sittin on there arse just nodding along..(this aint no tea party.this is rock n roll!!!)for all those fans who stood and got into the music….ROCK ON…my section was totally lame… u shoulda all stayed home and left us alone…anyway i thought it was a good concert…cant wait for the 28th…we will b there…the who showd up… atlantic city didnt…..roger,pete,zak,simon and yes u too pino..sounded great thanks for another great concert….see you in N.Y.C!!!!!!!!

  5. Vince says:

    Atlantic city Rocked alright with The Who
    Pete was on fire and Rogers voice was crystal clear with the great audio in such a shifty room
    Best sound and light show I’ve seen..just breathtaking all night
    The energy lifted everytime the lighting exploded
    Looking forward to Manchester…

  6. Jim says:

    What a great show in Atlantic City! I feel honored to have finally seen my all-time favorite album performed live.

  7. Gary Cohen says:

    Great show! Even better than Philly..didn’t think that was possible!

  8. Winnie says:

    The Who was amazing last night……they rocked the Boardwalk Hall in AC NJ…..They made it such a once in a lifetime event…..I am in awe of these wonderful men……I felt like it was 83 in Philly at JFK gain….and I was a teenager again……cool thing I was able to share this with my son who is 16… was so cool to be able to do that. Thank you for Rocking the house……It was really the best night ever…..Long Live Rock…..

  9. Joe says:

    Great show last night in AC…. Boardwalk Hall……crowd was awesome.
    Band was on point !

  10. Kim McTamney says:

    Saw the band last night in Atlantic City. They still can move me just as they did when I was young. Roger and Pete are like old lovers/friends/family I’ve never met, but once we got into the thick of it, they became the gods they’ve always been!

  11. Joe Culleny says:

    Last night’s Quadrophenia show inside Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J.was fantastic. The sound inside the Hall was as good as it get’s in any venue and the crowd was energetic and classy. Seeing the huge arch’s all lit up, while listening to one of the best Rock n’ roll groups of all time was truly a special treat for me. I’ve now seen The Who perform Quadrophenia 3 times over the last 13 year’s and each performance gets better than the last, due to the relentless work of the band and their team to continue to bring this work of art to maturity. Quadrophenia, to me, is truly a MASTERPIECE! I fully hope and expect, that one day this story will morph into a Broadway production! Thanks to both Pete and Roger and the entire crew of The Who for such a first class production. Joe C. Brigantine, N.J.

  12. AC girl says:

    Fantastic show!!! So grateful for the music of The Who! Thanks Roger and Pete… you really gave us a great show- you still sound awesome and look great as well!

  13. matthew says:

    First show I’ve seen since John died and although that was a little sad, I have to say it was a kickass night. Pete, you have always been great but man you’re playing better than you ever have. We had a blast.

  14. Larry H. says:

    I did see The Who at AC Boardwalk Hall last night. I was never so emotionally moved by a concert before. The powerful images, music, and passion of the band, the amazing music, and the wonderful crowd, packed floor to ceiling, up on their feet the whole time cheering, crying, laughing, singing, showing the band their love. A magical experience I will never forget. Long Live Rock, Long Live The Who!

  15. Clara says:

    The Who was awesome last night in AC. The show was full of energy, they rocked the house, best concert I’ve seen. It was a great experience to watch the show my husband and kids who are huge fans. Great memory.

  16. Brian says:

    Saw the Who last night in Atlantic City with my wife and three children, after seeing them in Boston last fall with my son and two brothers. I think last night’s show was even better than the one in Boston, and I did not think that was possible. Boardwalk Hall was a more intimate venue than TD Garden, and the crowd was really into it! Great show!

    I urge anyone who has not seen them yet to see them tomorrow night in Manchester, NH or Tuesday in Providence, RI if possible. This may be your last chance and you will regret it if you don’t!

  17. Andrew Natale says:

    It was about 45 years ago I saw the band in PA at the civic center. They were awesome then and then again last night in AC. This time I brought three of my daughters. The lads had it then and they have it now. Also it was a beautiful tribute that was incorporated in the show for John and Keith. Bless you guys and rock on!

  18. Bob says:

    I was truly amazed at 54 this was the first opportunity that I have seen the WHO. I brought my wife and 15 year old son we were truly blown away by the show. You should not miss this. I loved the tributes to John and Keith.

  19. CC says:

    Great show as always. Love the Album Quadrophenia…one of my all-time favorite rock albums and really should go down as one of the top 5 rock albums in history.

    Saw them in Philly in December and had to see them again in A.C. Loved the Entwistle and Moon tributes.

    So it really was an excellent show all-around…..kinda sad though…thinking that this is the last time we will see them perform Quadrophenia….probably won’t happen again.

    Love the WHO!

  20. Walter Koziar says:

    One of the best bands ever to play the planet earth performing some of the most magnificent music ever written. How Roger hits all of his notes and screams dead on well into a large tour sounding like the record 40 years later is amazing. Must take good care of himself. Seeing the AC show was such a privilege. Thank you Pete and Roger for still doing it.

  21. Lori says:

    ZAC STARKY……….tremendous drummer filling some big shoes. The Who gave great show that just continued to build intensity as the night went on.

  22. GinaB says:

    Sang every word to Behind Blue Eyes, and this followed a thorough rendition of Quadrophenia where I witnessed the heart and joy and exhileration (sp) in every fan I could see. Atlantic City was a full house. Albeit the venue was better built for housing a dinosaur (as Pete fairly delicately explained) or a hockey match (as anyone could see), my god they were all great.

    I thank them for an even happier birthday

  23. Robert says:

    I saw The Who in Atlantic City on Friday. Words do not express how tremendous they were. Totally moved me. They were even better than the studio recording. Roger and Pete are awesome, so was Zak. I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to see th live again. Long live The Who.

  24. Garrett L. says:

    My third show of this tour (after Boston and Mohegan Sun). Boston was really good…Mohegan was awesome….Atlantic City was SUBLIME! This tour just keeps getting better.

    While I liked the 1996-97 production, I LOVE this version. THE ROCK has been one of the most moving pieces live this year. The way the video compliments the story…the parallel of Jimmy finding his way, purpose and sense of meaning…the way we all have over the last 40-50 years.

    I can’t say enough how much I loved this show. Thank you Pete and Roger.


  25. Dennis Ferrell says:

    i saw the show in atlantic city. we traveled 600 miles to see this show. it was worth every inch of it. roger, pete, and the rest of the crew are great performers. all true talents.

  26. j devine says:

    I last saw The Who in 1976…Then, I saw them in AC the other night and am so glad I did. Quadrophenia is such an underrated under played album and they played the whole thing with gusto and precision. (Im still humming the songs 4 days later). The video tributes to Keith and John brought tears to my eyes. (Critque-1: Rather than just a great bass solo, I woulda liked if they had let John sing “My Wife” from the video screen while the band played the music like they did with Keith and Bellboy.) The biggest contrast was the crowd, very polite and curteous, not a whiff of smoke in the arena, nobody jockying to get closer to the stage. Everybody was standing throughout the concert, but only in front of their own seats (VERY unlike the 70’s). Not alot of hair in the crowd either(and what little of it there was appeared alot more silvery) if you knwo what I mean…But the crowd was just as entusiastic in their approeciation of this great music the other night as they were back in the day (at least to the extent their aching bones allowed them to be.) Zak Starky played an excellent drum and Petes brother was both an excellent guitar player and a great compliment to Rogers vocals (Critque-2, More “duets” between these two would actually enhance the vocal element in some places). Priced at $125 for a 25th row seat, note for note the Who remain the greatest rock and roll band in the world….

  27. Fred Solomon says:

    Just saw them last nite in Manchester,NH 3rd row center.They were awesome!Last time I saw them was in the late 60s when they did Tommy for a week at Fillmore East. Roger worked so hard to reach all the high notes all night and was quite accurate even though some smokers tried to ruin his evening. He was visibly upset and Pete Townsend explained later he is allergic. The video tributes were sensational and the crowd very respectful and completely thrilled by the show. The music and vocals were crisp and as timeless as could be. If you closed your eyes you never would have known you weren’t listening to a 20 year old Daltrey.played about 2 1/2 hours with no breaks.

  28. s dykstra says:

    My husband and I drove 7 hours on Friday to see The Who in concert. The tickets were a Christmas present from me & I’ll never top this gift! My 46 year old hubby was like a teenager that night…….singing every word to every song. What a great show! My husband is still thanking me!

  29. JD says:

    Enjoyed a great show with my new friend, Andy! Did you send the emails?

  30. Kelly says:

    Smashing success from the opening band through the musical madness of Quadrophenia and onto the finish. A perfect setting in AC. The Who brought their A game – so did this crowd – another night to remember and cherish. Cheers.

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