The Who in Louisville, KY – and Zak is back

The Who played a stormer of a show at the KYC Yum! Center, Louisville, KY last night, with Zak Starkey back on drums after a 6 show rest, nursing a tendon injury.


Huge thanks to the magnificent Scott Devours for taking over during Zak’s absence.


Photos by Linda Doane.







To see more pics from the show, go to this gallery .


The Who’s North American tour ends on February 26th. To buy tickets for the remaining shows, check out the remaining venues HERE.









On February 28th, The Who and Elvis Costello are performing a benefit concert in aid of Teen Cancer America at The Theatre, Madison Square Garden, New York. To buy tickets, go HERE.


















14 thoughts on “The Who in Louisville, KY – and Zak is back”

  1. Lee says:

    Awesome show in Louisville!

  2. Ann and Kevin says:

    The concert in Louisville was brilliant! Geniuine band and Roger and Pete were still awesome after all these years. The rest of the band were fab, too. We loved that so many generations were there to enjoy the music. Vintage Trouble were fantastic, too. I would go see them again. This was a special night for my hubby. He has battled cancer and since I have known him, has always loved The Who. From these two Brits to our fellow Who Brits, thanks Lads! Loved it!

  3. Steve says:

    I seen The Who back in the 80’s and I think the show the Who put on in Louisville last night was better. The Who just keep getting better with Age. It was great to see them again.

  4. Steve says:

    Great show in Louisville last night The Who just keep getting better.

  5. D Stenger says:

    Welcome back, Zak. We missed you.

  6. Sherry says:

    That was the greatest concert I’ve ever seen!! AMAZING!

  7. peter stiekema says:

    I just saw the video of ‘Who are you’, yesterday in Louisville. I cannot wait to see them in Europe. I’ve got tickets for Dublin (I’m flying over from Holland) and Amsterdam in the new Ziggo-Dome theater (17000 places).
    For the Dutch Who-fans: there is a fantastic fansite in Dutch:

  8. Robin B. says:

    This was my fifth time I’ve seen the Who in concert through the years, and this was far and away their finest performance. Spectacular from beginning to end.

  9. gregg greathouse says:

    the who in columbus ohio rocked. the best since 1979 in cincinnati. long live rock

  10. Brenda says:

    We saw The Who in Columbus Ohio last night-They were GREAT!! Love Zak !!

  11. Jerri says:

    Great show in Louisville,KY!! Saw them in 1979 in Lexington,KY as well. The WHO is the best.

  12. Paul says:

    Just saw the WHO in Las Vegas and all I can say is “AWESOME”. My fourth concert in the past year.

  13. Chris Flinn says:

    I’ve seen the as far back as the 80’s. Every time they are in the Boston area.
    Saw them in Nov in Boston. Going to Providence Tuesday with my 3 boys.
    First major concert for my 2 youngest, and might as well start at top.

  14. Jim Quehl says:

    Just saw the in Louisville and as usual they were great. Still the best live band in the world going. How many artists in their late 60’s can go 2 1/s hours with no breaks? Most concerts are an hour and a half at most not to mention playing something as complex as Quadrophenia is. I also saw them in Nashville last year but I think Louisville was a tad better. Zach was great on drums.

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