The Who release 2 more Tommy tracks, vintage 1969

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We found an unreleased concert from Ottawa 1969 in our vaults, when all tapes from that tour were thought to have been destroyed. There was a complete performance of Tommy save for ‘I’m Free’, ‘Tommy’s Holiday Camp’ and ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’, which were probably lost during tape changeover at the show. On the Box Set these tracks were replaced by 3 tracks from a show at Swansea in 1976, as no further recordings from 1969 were thought to exist. Since the Box Set was completed, two of the missing tracks,’Tommy’s Holiday Camp’ and ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’, were unearthed by Who enthusiast and archivist Matt Kent. Although we know they are from the 1969 tour we don’t know the specific show, but we are offering them to fans this week as a free download.


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9 thoughts on “The Who release 2 more Tommy tracks, vintage 1969”

  1. Ian Zapczynski says:

    Why don’t they just consult one of the fans who is familiar with what is available on the bootleg circuit??? Kinda strange to be saying that no other tapes from 1969 were thought to exist when there have been plenty circulating for years.

  2. CourseWho says:

    If my memory serves me correctly, the three tracks from 1976 on the new box set, have already been issued on the 2007 limited edition double CD “View From A Backstage Pass”, so another three tracks from that release have become superfluous.

  3. SW says:

    oh noooo ….. why mp3 and not flac files in this day and age? really … come on … how lame! can I work for you??? 🙂

  4. Bill Lord says:

    These two live tracks are fantastic, certainly a better way to round out the CD than the Swansea ’76 tracks. Well worth the download and thank you to all involved…..

  5. luile says:

    This two new tracks from 1969 ? do sound extraordinary good and clean. Since The Who has announce 2015 will be the last tour, it is about time to clean the house and release “lost concerts” such as this one and Woodstock (with a companion DVD), the Kampuchea concert and many many others.

  6. jack says:

    Hi Peter. I just finished reading your memoir Who I Am. Thank you for enriching my simple life through the decades with your fire and your music. I remember reading something you said after Cincinnati about your fans must be served since we depended so on your sound and vision. I was one of those fans, who depended on you to lighten my load and brighten my days. I love you. Be safe my friend….

  7. Dave says:

    There is I’m Free from Woodstock.

  8. Tom says:

    Thanks for the 2 additional tracks. It would be greatly appreciated if they can be provided in a lossless format (flac).

  9. Nick kollias says:

    Rock on!!!!

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